Are you looking for House to Buy or Rent?
Are looking for plots of land to buy?
Or just any Estate properties in Ebiraland?

I can land you the best deals when it comes to buying and selling of properties in Ebiraland, I have a lot of Real Estate agents I work with and I have been able to deliver a lot of top notch properties all across Ebiraland to all my clients. At a damn cheap prices.

Are you looking forward to Book a hotel I can help you too.
Are you traveling out of the country and you are looking for who to take care of your properties before you return in Kogi State? Well, it’s part of my job.

Who Am I?
My name is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza (Binoosmart) I am a Travel blogger, Real Estate Agent, Internet Marketer, and passionate Web Developer. I own and operate Ebira Online Media ( I have plots of lands in my own care across Ebiraland, and also have other legit Real Estate Agencies all across Kogi State I work with, that makes buying and selling of properties very easy for me.
So do you want to by properties in Ebiraland or any part of Kogi State now?

Places to Buy Lands and Properties In Ebiraland:

Osara, FCE Okene, Nagazi Eba & Uvete, Inoziomi, Ihima, Okene, Okengwe, Check Point, Adavi Odu, Kuroko, Eika Ohizenyin & Adagu, Zariagi, Kaduna Junction, Ogaminana, Army Barack, Kabba Junction etc.

Contact Me Now.
Telephone: +2347033004080 or +2348168374589
Facebook: Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza
Address: Inoziomi Layout, Adavi LGA, Kogi State. Nigeria.


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