Donate to Prevent Ebira From COVID19

Ebira Sa’ka International in conjunction with Awesome Humanitarian Foundation

We are receiving Donations from All Good People of Ebiraland to Buy Prevention Materials for, to be destributed for free in Ebiraland (Door to Door). And to be distributed in public places like market, Mosques and churches across Ebiraland.

What You Can Donate?

  1. Money
  2. Gloves
  3. Masks
  4. Hand Sanitizers
  5. Jik and other sanitizing chemicals

How To Donate?

If you think you can’t trust anyone with your money please we urge you to buy hand Sanitizers, gloves or masks to distribute in your neighborhood.

To Donate with your Bank Debit Cards (Master, Verve & Visa Cards Click Here

To pay via bank transfer use the bank details below:

Acct Name: Awesome Humanitarian Foundation
Acct No: 0503851591
Bank Name: Gtb

God Bless You As You Donate.


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