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Sickle cell Disease (SCD) is a gathering of acquired red platelet issue. Sound red platelets are round, and they travel through little veins to convey oxygen to all pieces of the body. In somebody who has SCD, the red platelets become hard and clingy and seem as though a C-formed homestead device called a “sickle”. The sickle cells pass on right on time, which causes a consistent lack of red platelets. Likewise, when they travel through little veins, they stall out and stop up the blood stream. This can cause torment and different difficult issues, for example, contamination, intense chest condition and stroke.

On the event of World Sickle Cells Day, Queen Lawal Eunice Oyiza, Miss Ebira Nigeria 2019/2020 tosses her heart to patients of Sickle Cell and request that pertinent specialists be obedient to patients of Sickle Cells similarly as consideration was given to Covid-19 Patients.

The Queen in her Sickle Cell’s day message said “I am mindful of the challenges every single patient of Sickle Cell’ is confronting and the segregation among their sets in the general public, I toss my heart loaded with affection to all of you and thusly approach the applicable specialists to be obedient to the patients of sickle cell in the society particularly in Kogi State.”

She said” I need to likewise utilize this brilliant chance to commend Kogi State Ministry of Health on it’s ongoing exertion to change Okene General Hospital to a World Standard Health Referral Center, this without a doubt would likewise be gainful to the sickle cells patients in Kogi State and beyond”

In Nigeria, more than 150,000 kids are conceived every year with suggestive sickle cell weakness, 1-in-4 individuals are solid carriers of the disease.

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is an acquired infection wherein the red platelets in your body are formed in sickles with rugged edges instead of smooth ovals or circles.


Queen Lawal Eunice Oyiza.
Miss Ebira Nigeria 2019/2020

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