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My Elder Brother’s Wife Is Cheating On Him – Please What Should I Do?

This guy named Isah Onoruoyiza sent me an email about three days ago seeking advice on what he should do after he caught his Elder Brother’s Wife cheating. Read all his story below and please advise him in the Comment.

Email Sent To Me.

We are orphans and our parents had just 2 of us, my brother is a big time hustler he started, taking care of me since our parent died in a car accident in 2016.

He’s all i have left, we live together in our parents house in Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State. He used to buy okirika in Onisha for sale in International Market in Lokoja before he was offered job appointment in the United Kingdom in 2018.

Me in the other hand has a fashion design shop so i used to leave for work early and return late at night.

I have been hearing rumors from people that my brothers wife is fooling around, but i turned deaf ears, one day i forgot a material at home so i rushed back home to pick it up but i met the main entrance of the house locked from the inside. So i decided to go through the back door.

Actually have tried her line before coming but was switched off. While trying to move from the front side to the back I heard someone moaning from her room.

I paused but to my greatest surprise I discovered the voice is that of my brother’s wife, so I waited at the verandah for her to come out. After an hour and 30minute, she came out together with a man who happened to be her boss.

After the man have left she begged me not to tell my brother but I can’t keep this to myself.

My brother is too kind to me. He was the one sponsoring my eduction from secondary to University.

He has been in UK no for a year trying hard just to make things work fine for the family while the wife here was engaging in adultery.

He travelled out of the country not that long this is happening, what will now happen if he stays for more than 3years before the family join him?

I Am At A Confused State Now, What Should I Do?

Advice this guy by dropping your comments below in the comments section, thanks

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