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COVID-19: Kogi government places communities on absolute lockdown

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has placed all the communities in Kabba/Bunu council areas on ‘absolute’ lockdown following the positive testing of two persons in the council area to COVID-19

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control had on Wednesday stated that two persons from the state, the Chief Imam of Kabba Land and his son, tested positive to the virus. A development that further emboldened the brickbat between the state government and the centre.

But the governor on Monday at the government house, Lokoja, said the state was forced to take the lockdown decision as the situation has snowballed into a political angle.

Bello said effective from Tuesday midnight all the communities from the area where the patients reside should stay indoors permanently for two weeks.

He also said all doctors who have contacts with the patients be ordered to go into self-isolation.

The governor, however, maintained that the state is still free from the virus until the centre claims are verified.

Vanguard News.

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