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Unbelievable: Elizabeth and Hon. Danga Became Friends, Natasha Now The Enemy .

This is the concluding part of ‘The Flogging of Queen Nina’s story i posted here on April First if you didn’t read it click here to read.

Few weeks ago, there has been a trending issue from Kogi State mainly on Facebook between the Commissioner Kogi Commissioner for Water Resources Abdulmumin Danga and a Facebook user Queen Nina(Then), now Elizabeth Oyeniyi.
This issue made it to top 13th trendings on Twitter with the ash tag JusticeForElizabeth.

According to the victim, he was abducted by the Commissioner’s boys, held captive, beaten, assaulted sexually and also made a nude video of her just because of a Facebook post she made. According to her then, all these were done in the presence of the Commissioner.

This issue has been a hot one, as the former Gubernatorial Candidate of Social Democratic Party (SDP), in the just concluded elections took the issue up. Later on 200+ Human Rights groups stood up for her.

While still on this case, the victim also added that the Commissioner met with her three times (3rounds) before day break on the day of this occasion. The Commissioner, Abdulmumin Danga, then dragged Barr. Natasha H. Akpoti to a High Court in Ebogogo(A remote area in Adavi LGA) for a #100million suit for character defamation and damage.

This issue has been on hold, until today, 27th of May, 2020, when the self acclaimed victim came publicly to Facebook to wish the the accused(The Commisioner) a happy birthday. She didn’t only wished him a happy birthday, but also called him a lot of sweet/pet names like sweetheart.

In her words she said;
“I have a soft and forgiving heart, but I hardly forget pains”
“It’s children’s day and my sweethearts birthday, wonderful ”
“Happy Birthday sweetheart ”
She then proceed to post the picture of the Commissioner with the caption;
“Just want you to know I’m wishing you a very happy birthday.

I’m very sure u are having fun! To those who thought we would be enemies forever, what do you think now?”
Meanwhile, she further proceeded to appreciate the effort of Barr. Natasha H. Akpoti and everyone who stood by her and also said she was going to deactivate her social media account as it is causing her more harm than good and her life isn’t safe anymore.

She also urged everyone not to judge her, as she can’t explain what’s really happening???

Perhaps, she might have been paid off, threatened to turn down the case or what do you think, your opinion???

Although, we still await the #100million suit phase of the matter between the Hon. Commissioner and Barr. Natasha H. Akpoti.

How Una see the matter?

Source: Nairaflaver

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