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Biography of Imam Yahaya Tajudeen (The First Chief Imam In Ebiraland).

Late, Sheikh Imam Yahaya Tajudeen

Sheikh Imam Yahaya Tajudeen was the First Chief Imam of Ebira land. A scholar, astute administrator, financial advisor, Treasurer, a Prince and a pious man who studied under Sheikh Adabi, another well known scholar around the west coast which Sheikh Kamaldeen El Ilorin was his latter student.

The Islamic title “TAJUDEEN” Means the (The Crown of Religeon)was given to Imam Yahaya by Sheik Adabi and later a title of “KAMALUDEEN” was given to Sheikh Muhammad Habibullah.

It was Iyebe though a corrupted name of IYABA(bo), Attah’s mother who sought Tajudeen’s help after she learnt about him during her travels around the yoruba land & met him in Kabba, the then Kabba province where Sheikh Tajudeen stationed as treasurer to the British Government.

Tajudeen’s first coming to Ebira land was around 1915 on duty call and the second was to assist in the propagation of Islam after he resigned as Chief treasurer from British government in 1924.

Sheikh Imam Yahaya Tajudeen was born in 1875 to the family of Aliyu Badamasy and Princess Zainab in the compound called “Ile Adafila” compound in ilorin. His mother was a very famous princess known as “Shinabu” in Irun town, Ondo state.

Sheikh Tajudeen received his quranic education from his father, Aliyu and his post Quranic education “ilm” knowledge from various muslim scholars before joining the famous Sheikh el-Islam Tajul – Adabi of ilorin.

Sheikh Tajudeen came to a virgin land, cleared it, harrowed, cultivated ridges, planted crops for future generation to harvest and consume. He met Ebiraland with few converts and without Islamic education, and within forty years of his sojourn in Ebira land, he established a virile, dynamic and purposeful Ummatul-Islam with the assistance of his bosom friends, the spare headed leader by the first muslim ruler, the able leader His royal Highness Alhaji Ibrahim Atta and his younger brother, Alhaji Yakubu Walikili and his close associates like Adai Muhammadu Bello (babamba) Akaba ebiya, Adai Ajanah, Adai Abere, Adai Anuyi, and Adai Abdullahi of Ahache, Muhammadu Badamasy Akwoji of Nagazi, Adai Opata and Adai Aliyu Ogedembe of Ihima, Abdulmalik Atta, Balogun of Eganyi etc.

Sheikh Tajudeen was a great saint around whom many success and Islamic scholars surrounded and he will be remembered as a great saint to ebiraland. He died 17th of May 1956 and he was buried in okene cemetery. There is know better tribute one can pay to these Muslim pioneers except to continue praying for their departed souls. May Allah grant them jannat Firdaus Ameen.

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