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Lost but found AT Ahmed in Pharm Asuku Abdulkareem .

Written by Sabello.

He’s the first I have seen since late AT Ahmed return to be with his creator, who knows how to run Ebiraland as a leader and unite the people with equal rights . And in comparison with Late AT Ahmed, he does the job with immensely less blood and suffering, and to much better result. At last, we have a competent leader who doesn´t discriminate and torment people.

He´s not a sadist, or power maniac, or a simple thief, or conqueror. With the power he has amassed, he could be Shikau the Terrible, and he chooses not to. What a welcome, wonderful change.

He has respect for the rule of law, civil rights, and human dignity. And very legalistic. “To my friends, everything; to my enemies, the law.” That´s very fresh, very new, very empowering.

He has a sense of fairness, and he values loyalty. He doesn´t betray. As long as he thinks you honestly hold your end of bargain, he doesn´t lie or cheat.

He´s not tormented by inner demons that he lets act out onto other people, like many in his entourage do. He´s pragmatic, calculating, rational. “Why kill when you can make a deal? Why steal when you can buy? Why make a scene when you can sit down and have a talk?” He´s a rock of reason in the sea of Nigeria politics.

He realizes his power mandate comes from people, not from brute force, or ideological sophistry. He says what people like to hear, and he knows how to cater to his power base. He shares. even when others stole billions from the Government, but down here, people got many opportunities and empowerment. We’ve never been that well off since late AT Ahmed. That’s so new. We’re amazed. Simply amazed.


Yakubu Binuyaminu
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