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Pharm. Asuku Has Been Looking For A Way To Insult Us – Okehi CAN Chairman


Every right thinking Anebira knows and can testify that Christians in the land are a very peaceful, easy going and trouble free people. That is how our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ taught us in the Scripture to live. I don’t think we can or have been associated with any leadership tussle or successionist dispute in any of our many Church denominations.

The Gospel Assemblies Intercontinental, headquartered in Agassa, one of our foremost indeginous Churches in the land lost their General Overseer, Late Bishop Momoh, his Deputy, Bishop Joel Ejigwon was peacefully inaugurated to take over.

When eventually he reached the mandatory age of retirement, his own Deputy also peacefully took over who presently leads the organization. Nobody heard anything. In the Anglican fold when the pioneer Bishop retired, our illustrious and well lettered son, Bishop Dr Onsachi was appointed without any rancour. Even I as a Christian did not know the process until the name was announced and there was no protest from any quarter.

He is there for us today. Space will not allow me to talk about the Roman Catholic and others. This is because Christianity is well organized with high intellectuals.

To me, for Hon Asuku to have compared us with the squabbles going between the Muslim ummah in Ebiraland is to say the least a misnomer. His outburst in the radio was like he had been looking for an opportunity to insult and berate us, so he now exploited this unwholesome situation.

He also erred in his claims on different sects in Islam as if the practice is peculiar to Anebira Muslims. Islamic sects have always existed. In the History of West Africa during my Teachers’ College days we were taught in the Mali, Songhai and Kanemi-Bornu empires that there were two broad Islamic sects namely: Tijjania and Quadraniya.

Even the Usman Dan Fodio jihad of 1804 was fought on this premise. The late popular Islamic cleric, Alh. Abubakar Gumi of Kaduna was an Izala. Go and find out your honour, the Saudi and Iranian Muslims do belong to the same sect, that is the reason they never agree. Today in Nigeria we have the Ahmadiyya and NASFAT, El-Zakyzaky group among others. Did all of these emanate from Ebiraland? No!

Whenever there is a problem, what leaders should do is to mediate to ensure peaceful resolution and co-existence of the people and not taking side and dabbling into issues that is not even connected.

We deserve your unreserved public apology…

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Yakubu Binuyaminu
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