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Story Time: Adavize The Heart Breaker (Part 1)

My name is Onize, Last month, I received a phone call from a friend. He had a conference to attend in my town (Lokoja) from Okene during the weekend and wanted to find out if I could accommodate him for a night.
I didn’t have a problem with that. If he needed a roof for a night, I was going to be a friend indeed. Thursday that week I didn’t need to guess who was at my door when I heard the knock. Eight months ago when Adavize and I met, he was head over heels in love with me. Like a typical lover boy trying to get a girl, he showered me with gifts he could afford, love and attention but I turned down his relationship offer.

Adavize is good looking but he chews like a screen muncher. That’s one thing I can’t stand in a man!
Chewing food and making sounds with your tongue and teeth like World War3 is going on in your mouth. Nevertheless I was really eager to see him again.

I adjusted my hair and opened the door. He sure looked more attractive than the last time we saw. Why on earth was this good looking 3-legged creature not my boyfriend?
Oh, I forgot! Since menopause and valentine didn’t seem far away, I resolved to tolerate his grinding stone pattern of chewing if he gives me a second chance.

Good thing was, I had 24 hours to convince him through words or actions….
Adavize got along with my neighbours particularly the ladies. I couldn’t help but feel jealous. I consoled myself with the fact that 9:pm was around the corner. I was going to shut the world outside then have him all to myself.

10pm we laid together in my bed. Close enough to feel that body chemistry yet far apart like there was an invisible barrier between us. We talked, talked and talked till 1am.
He told me he was going to stay for two days in my house. Good news! I resolved to play hard. I moved to one end of the bed till sleep came calling.
4am I felt a hand on my thighs, I smiled in my sleep and brushed it off lightly. Minutes later, Adavize began breathing heavily.
If he was going to act like an evil spirit is plaguing him, I was going to be a friend indeed  and deliver him.

I got up and switched on the light.
”Arrghhhhhhhhh! What’s that for” Adavize said as he sat up.
” Its morning, get up lets go and do ablution for prayer.” I replied He had this frustrated look while he placed my blanket between his legs. Maybe he had a boil there?
I spent the next one hour praying and reading the Quran, acting like the perfect Muslim sister. My prayers even healed him of his boil.
That morning, Adavize completely avoided me but I didn’t care. If he is truly meant for me, I resolved I was going to get him the way servants of God do.

Throughout the day, there was tension between us. I was not comfortable with that. What the hell was I doing?
This might be my only opportunity to get a boyfriend in a long time and I was messing things up.

I decided not to take my chances.
That evening, I dumped my pyjamas for a nightdress and wore the most expensive perfume in my catalogue.
Time was 7pm. Adavize was out with some friends. I impatiently awaited his return. Everything seemed fine except the slight pain I felt that evening each time I made an attempt to sit or walk. I was determined not to let that spoil my night.

Adavize walked in some minutes past 8pm. I laid on my bed trying to look effortlessly sexy. He got out of the bathroom with just a boxers and forcefully drew me closer to him. ‘Ahhh’ I screamed when I felt another wave of pain in my butt. Adavize thought I was moaning in pleasure.
Determined to figure what was going on with me, I excused myself to the bathroom.

As soon as I got in, I stripped and bent backwards in front of my wall sized mirror.
What I saw gave me goose pimples.
I had pile in my anus. It was tiny yet painful. Oh God ! Why me!
I tried to pee but the pain felt like labour pains when I contracted.
”Onize, what’s taking you so long?”
How was I going to tell him it was pile.
A disease as embarrassing as that!
I hurriedly wore my clothes and staggered out of the bathroom in shame.

The pain came with mood swings.
Julius attempted to put his arms around me but I pushed him away. He got the message again and left me to my fate all night.

The pain got worse while I slept. It felt like someone was pounding my butt with a pestle covered with pepper. The pile had shut me emotionally and sexually?
I guess that was my punishment for backsliding.

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