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The Story of Omoko (Parrot) (Reason The Bird Always Repeat What People Say)

Omoko aka Parrot

Parrot aka Omoko in Ebira is a bird of so many features, spiritual and physical. But in this article i will try as much as possible to tell you its story rather than focussing on its potentials and features. But i will do that in the next article.

I was so fortunate to witness an elderly woman speaking with a parrot (Omoko) in Ogaminana (Adavi LGA of Kogi State Nigeria), few years back. I was marveled at the site of this bird and how it communicate with the woman. So i wasted no time to ask about the bird and also ask if there is any Folktale about the bird that makes it different from other birds.

The woman was very eager to tell me the story: so let’s get on with it.

Often times we hear stories of animals speaking humans dialect, but has not seen a Goat do such, but the Parrot is an exeption.

There lived a hunter in a village when this world was young, one day he went hunting in a very deep forest where he caught two birds lorikeet and Parrot, but parrot managed to escape, the hunter was very exited with the color of the bird, so the hunter decided to cage Lorikeet to live with him.

As time pass by, the Lorikeet understand the Hunter’s language and they became best of friends. So she goes and come back with the Hunter all the time.

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One faithful day a sheep owned by a shepherd, wandered into the hunters garden, so the Hunter killed the sheep, he smoked part And cooked part.

When the shepherd started looking for his sheep, he asked the hunter if he had seen, the sheep. No, was this hunters reply.

Then the Lorikeet, been an Animal knows nothing about keeping secret, started speaking ‘My master killed the sheep, he cooked part and smoke part’ the Lorikeet even told the shepherd where his master was hiding the meat.

The shepherd took the case to the Onoba (King) after part of the meat was found in the same location the Lorikeet pointed.

The lorikeet argued that his master killed the sheep still when they got to the Onoba’s palace, and the hunter asked that he be given a grace to defend himself the next morning.

That night, the hunter took in the lorikeet and covered its cage whilst the bird was sleeping. He covered it with a shawl to make it look dark, and then he began to sprinkle water drip down on the lorikeet. He intermittently hit at the metal, giving the lorikeet an impression of rain and thunder. The lorikeet indeed woke up and observed its environment In the morning, the Onoba was seated and all the community was with them.

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They want to see how the case at hand ends, with the lorikeet being the principal witness. After the lorikeet has retwitted its line, the hunter said “People are you going to condemn me on the allegation of this unfortunate bird? the hunter asked. If so, ask the bird what kind of night we had last night.” So the Onoba asked likewise, and the response of the lorikeet was that the rain fell and the thunder struck all night. Then the hunter said, “Is it on the account of this unfortunate thing that you will condemn me?” At this, the judge set the hunter free and banished the lorikeet from living among men, lest it would sow discord capable of setting people apart.

As the bird flew into the forest, it came across parrot and found out that parrot too wanted to be among men so that it can speak the language of man. The lorikeet says. “Man will find you and take you in, but never should you speak your own mind if you must co-habit with mankind, only mimic whatever he says.” And not many days afterwards, man found that the parrot too could talk.

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They took home the bird just as the lorikeet has predicted. Also, they expected it to talk from its mind. But for as long as man has harbored the bird, it never says its mind, it only repeats few words that man says to it. When people asked why it never talked like the lorikeet, Parrot’s only words were ‘Aami Oyemi’ meaning i know what i am doing.

This is why the Parrot aka Omoko never speaks its mind but can repeak whatever you say to it. So in my next article i will be writing about the spiritual features of Omoko please always visit this site www.ebiraonline.com

Thank you for reading please ask questions in the comment section below, and share with friends. Avo Nini

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