Hon. ABDULMUMIN DANGA Is A Rapist – Natasha Akpoti

Hon Danga & Natasha Akpoti

Natasha Hadiza Akpoti is here with another one. Natasha made it public on her Facebook timeline, calling out Abdulmumin Danga the serving Minister of Water Resources of Kogi State, serving under the administration of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello.

See her full Facebook post below

Abdulmumin Danga The RAPIST.

It’s heart wrenching to hear Elizabeth Oyeniyi (Queen NiNa) admit to the Nation’s newspaper reporter and also the doctors at the Nigeria Police hospital that the animal in human form Mr. Abdulmumin Danga not only beat her up, stripped her naked, made a video of her nakedness (all in the presence of her 3 year old son) but also drove her to a hotel adjacent the Kogi government house and RAPED her.

Beloved indigenes of Kogi state and citizens of Nigeria, this Mr. Abdulmumuni Danga is Kogi state’s serving Commissioner For Water Resources and a close friend to the ringless Yahaya Bello (soon you be ex governor of Kogi state by God’s grace).

I hereby thank Dorothy Njemanze for opening her doors to meticulously following the legal leads in seeking justice for Elizabeth Oyeniyi.

No woman should be subjected to such humiliation, abuse and strip of dignity .

No human should be treated so degradedly, worse off by those they call leaders .

I appeal to all Nigerians … let’s join hands and rise up to fight for justice for Elizabeth.

Women, see yourself in Elizabeth.
Fathers, see your daughter in her.
Brothers, see your sister in her.

Remember, the efforts we collectively make on this case would help save another woman from abuse … from rape tomorrow.

I call on the government of Kogi state to stop threatening Elizabeth on the phone but put measures in place to immediately relieve Mr. Abdulmumin Danga of his position in service.

I also call on the Inspector General of Police to immediately sweep into action and without favour, arrest all those implicated in the physical and sexual assault of Ms Elizabeth Oyeniyi.

Thank you
Natasha H Akpoti
SDP Gubernatorial Candidate
Kogi State

Screenshot of the post


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