Covid-19: There Has Been A Suspected Case Of Coronavirus in Kogi Central.

Ebira Online Media gathered from a reliable source that a case that people suspected to be a Corona Virus has been spotted in Kogi Central.

In Ageva/Obehira lived a man name Lawyer Adeiza who has reportedly been seeing symptoms that looked like that of Coronavirus, he has since then been under quarantine, the result of the quarantine is not out yet, so it has not been confirmed yet if the case is truly a Coronavirus case.

We pray that the case won’t be a Coronavirus case, we also pray for Lawyer Adeiza for quick recovery.

We will update everyone here as soon as the result is out, please stay tuned. Stay Home and Stay Safe.

We heard some people are still going for parties and public gathering of more than 50 people in Okene, I pray our ignorance won’t kill us in Ebiraland.

Have you heard anything about any Coronavirus case in your area? Please don’t hesitate to call the NCDC toll free number or call us on 07033004080 and we will send help asap.

Please drop your comments below…

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