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Òzí Anèbírá Òbòró (An adorable child)

They put smile on faces that you won’t want to have sadness anymore.

Is it how they welcome and treat visitors/guests to the best?

kneel to greet elders, and wherever they meet any with loads they help them.

They don’t hide that identity “àndàyí yòr”

Beautiful, astonishing, talented, respectful, religious, hardworking and knowledgeable that; there is no where in the world Ebira people are not residing.

They might be stubborn as the world depicted them but they give you what you gave them in return (tit for tat).

Respectful, humility surely a quality that describe an adorable Ebira child.

Be a good Òzí Anebira, dwell on love, peace and shun hatred the world revolves around you.

Òzí Anébíra Òbòrò
A truly Ebira pikin does not use any harsh and abusive words but in calmness and gentility.

The true Òzí Anébíra Òbòrò never explores anything beyond the prescribed confines of the environs and traditions.

You are not only giving “Ebira to World” but yourself too in particular.

Be the Òzí Anébíra Òbòrò

Meet my Picture Model: Kudiratullahi Orahachi

By Ataba Black Bilal

Ataba Black Bilal
Yahaya Arafat Yaseer hails from Okene, Kogi State. A Social Media Commentator, writer and Public Speaker. He just want to impact goodness to the life of the people through his work..

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