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KSU Declares Public Renunciation Day for Cultists

The management of Kogi State University has set aside Friday 28th February, 2020 for staff and students as public renunciation day from cult membership in the institution. 

The Registrar of the school, Dr Y.I. Abubakar on Monday announced this in an internal memorandum received by Ebira Reporters. 

The ceremony is part of the overall plan of the University to stamp out cultism and ensure peace and security on the campus.
The event according to the Registrar will hold hold at the University auditorium by 10am. 

“Staff and students who are involved in one cult group or the other are advised to take advantage of the opportunity to renounce membership of such group as subsequent membership will attract the full weight of the law,” he stated. 

The Management of the University has declared the day as lecture-free to ensure mandatory attendance.
The state varsity has in recent times been on the news for the increasing toll of cult-related killings on and off campus. 

Credits- Ebira Reporters

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