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Evolution: During The Time of Terekachi

The indomie generations will ask twice before they understand the meaning of Terekachi, this is the generation where respect for the elders is paramount. The generation where children can’t sleep on the same bed with elders and align their head with the elders, (those children must Terekachi). LOL.

Terekachi is an Ebira Word gotten from Tere (shift) and Kachi (down), joined together to get Terekachi (Shift Down). These are the generations that knows what is right from what is wrong and chose to do the right thing.

When I was young I went with my parents to one Ebira Peoples Settlement in Ondo State, Nigeria, where my Uncle live, there, we were welcomed with joy and happiness, we were the Ozoga (stranger) at the place right? But my mum wouldn’t let my uncles wife do anything, she did the cooking, washing of plates and sweeping in the morning. This generation will never accept that, since I am your stranger you must treat me with some respect before I start the work.
This is one of the places we went wrong as a Nation.

Dos and Don’ts during the Time of Terekachi.

  1. During the time of Terekachi, a girl of 16 years old is still bathing in the rain.
  2. Only one style during sex (Missionary), no doggy or Oral sex.
  3. Wives don’t go against the will of the husbands.
  4. Husbands provides for the family.
  5. Parents arrange marriages.
  6. No celebration of world sex day termed Valentine.
  7. Couples find it shameful to hug or kiss in public.
  8. Young ones can’t look at the elders straight in the face when elders are talking.
  9. If you are a woman and you wear trouser you are a prostitute.
  10. Sex outside wedlock is a grave sin.
  11. People do the right thing, they don’t alter wrong to be alright.


Let me take the number 11 as a case study, people ask almost every day that where did we go wrong as a nation? My answer will be. When we started looking at the wrong things, we altered it to be the right thing (we look at the wrong thing and somehow look at the bright side of it, and make it right) that is how we came about the Word Alright (Altered Right).

Once upon a time if a woman wore trouser she is a prostitute, somehow we adapted and the saints started wearing trousers. The prostitutes evolved to wearing miniskirts and short gowns, we adapted the saints find miniskirts a good thing.
Today look at the nation of marlian madness (NoManas).

We left the preaching of the lord and started preaching the words of diseases, abstain from sex if you are not married, to prevent contacting HIV and the likes. If you know you can’t abstain use condom.
We suddenly deviated from the Lords teaching that explain the grave punishment awaiting fornicators. I’m stopping here.

Do you have a contribution to the Time of Terekachi? Drop it in the comment section below. AVO NINI

Written by Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza

Written By

I am a Travel Blogger, Computer Engineer, Internet Marketer, and a Web Developer I can design the most perfect Website for your business for any info, hit me up on Whatsapp +2347033004080

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