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Ebira Movie Review: Engwukata Ovovu (Family Problem)

Engwukata Ovovu (Family Problems) is a movie by Onimi Theater Group and directed by Calabash Film Productions that is centered on the common and uncommon issues one has in a polygamous family. In a polygamous home, some children would love themselves like they had common parents! Yet in some others instances, there exists the greatest form of antagonism amongst them.

Whenever problems perceived to have some diabolical undertones occur in a polygamous home, the prime suspects will either be the other wife other or her children. These problems that abound in the home, who really are behind them? The step siblings or the direct siblings?

Watching this movie teaches everyone lessons as to guarding against many problems many problems in the polygamous home.
This movie will be out soon, I strongly recommend you watch this movie. It will be available on all CD outlets across Ebiraland and if possible YouTube if possible.


  • Anavami
  • Omeduta
  • Akaramuda
  • And Others

This movie got 7/10 in review which excellent (10 reviewers)

Marketed and distributed by Calabash Film Productions
No. 1 Okene-Eba Road, Idozumi Okene

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