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My Worst Experience Starting a Digital Services Business in Ebiraland.


My name is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza, I am a Blogger, Website Designer & Developer, Internet Marketer, and do little of Mobile Application Development. I own BinuWeb Solutions and Ebira Online Media (ww.ebiraonline.com). With the above services you can start a digital agency company from the comfort of your home or you can also start with owning an office space for your business.

As any digital agent will do I started from the comfort of my bedroom, I developed a Hotel Management system for a big hotel in Okene, Kogi State. Nigeria. Though they do have a website but the website is not a functional one, so I designed a very good website with lots of features named below:

Features in the Hotel Management System Developed by Me.

  1. Good Design (Appealing to customers)
  2. Responsiveness (Will adapt to any screen size, be it mobile, tablet or PC)
  3. Booking & Reservation System
  4. Online Payment
  5. Live Chat
  6. Profit Calculator
  7. Social Media Integration etc.
    The list continues.

I tried pitching my idea and the design to the manager, for any business that needs more sale and profit In business will love to adopt this Hotel Management System, but all my effort to no avail the manager don’t want to see me time without number so I got his number from somebody and told him about the system developed (His reply was a shocking one).
He said Ebira People don’t even know how to use smartphone well let alone knowing how to book online, please my hotel is not interested in any Management System.
It’s a joke oh, well that was what I thought at first, when I tried convincing him more he blocked me on Whatsapp.

I tried reaching other Hotels but their responses were almost the same. (The others were scared of taking such a bold step in their business, with all my effort to talk them into it was fruitless).

ICT is so low in Ebiraland.

The other problem I have there is low turn up in Information and Communication Technology in Kogi Central, I tried a free Web Development seminar which low turn up for everybody don’t know what it means to work online all thought anyone that works online is a yahoo boy and the little that know about it are not interested in your services.

Business still believe in traditional way of advertising (all other form of advert be damned)

When you tell an average business owner in Ebiraland to come and advertise their products and services Online that their potential customers will see it, they don’t believe the world internet, they believe advertising with posters all around the city will earn them more customers forgetting they are polluting the city and the advert is only limited to people round the vicinity where the poster is pasted, plus not much time before people remove it.

Your Business Motivators Are Not Your Customers in Ebiraland

You have to get use to this, as people motivating you to keep pushing and to do more are not the people to bring you customers or to patronize you. Potential customers should be a business best friend but reverse is the case in Ebiraland. People only motivate you with their words nothing more it.

The Leaders Don’t Believe in The Youths Hustle.

Let me round it up with this; so I went to meet a very wealthy man in Okene when he got back from Lokoja, I told him about Ebira Online Media and how he can invest in it and what will be his gain, his exact word was who uses websites in Ebiraland? I tried convincing him, he finally agreed to support the Ebira Online Media if we can develop a mobile Application for it, I did so but refuse to meet us since then. Imagine…
Also went to meet another rich man in Agasa, he decided to help with N 200,000 on a condition if I let him have a chance with one of our female worker, I was so disappointed and sad. I left him and never returned.

Disclaimer: This article of mine is not centered at discouraging anyone from investing in Ebiraland but to educate them about the challenges to be faced. And again, not that we were not able to convince other businesses to do business with us but, on the scale of 1-100, 20% understand the juice in the business.

Do you need a quality website or your business? I can develop a very affordable and the best website for your business starting from N10,000 only. You also have quality website promotion on our website. Terms and conditions apply. Contact me

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Written By:
Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza
+2347033004080 or +2348168374589


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