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Congratulations Your Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello –

I wish to congratulate you on re-assumption of office of the Governor, Kogi State, following an outstanding victory in a peaceful democratic election.

We hope you will not allow actions of misguided and self-serving bureaucrats to blur this noble vision you have for our beautiful State, Kogi.

Your Excellency, your victory in the election is a proof that Kogites have become well informed and therefore, guided by zeitgeist in making their choice. Our problems are many, and expectations from the Governor are high.

Your profile, manifesto, and campaign rhetorics give us confidence that you are fully grounded on the magnitude of the tasks ahead of us all, and that you have developed solutions algorithms for them.

As far as security is concerned, I give kudos to you and I know you will continue tightening it up.

As an Entrepreneur that I’m, Economic justice is what I crave for in your second tenure and by that singular act you will create an opportunity for each person to create a sufficient material foundation upon which to have a dignified, productive, and creative life.

The road is long and difficult, but it is about human resources, and this, Kogi has in abundance. In all your innovative tactics, we hope your economic management team would use implementation processes to build TRUST, a core ingredient to carry Kogites along, in every government policy decision.

We would like to assure you that you are not alone on this route to economic freedom for our State. As far as you have the Kogi masses at heart in all your governance initiatives, Ismail Yakub Adeiza, will walk with you to the desired destination. We believe you can lay a solid rock foundation and build unshakable economic pillars for our State, such that generations to come shall look back and say, Gov. Yahaya Bello is no longer in charge but ‘Bellorism’ reigns.

Decisions you have to make are hard and dangerous, but we know you are a man of integrity, selfless and focused. Your ability to enlist Kogites of the same ‘steel’, with disregard to ethnicity, quota system and form alliance with the masses, determine success of your government.

Kogites voted for continuity, Kogites voted for CREATIVITY, Kogites voted for a State where things work, and they have given you the baton of leadership. Use it without fear or favour and Kogi shall be a great State.

I wish you a successful tenure.

Signed Engr. Ismail Yakubu Adeiza

Yakubu Binuyaminu
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