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Top Civil Servants Smuggled 300 Ghost Workers Back To Kogi Govt Payroll

Kogi State Head of Service, Deaconess Deborah Ogunmola has expressed dismay on how over 300 uncleared staff fraudulently made their way back to the payroll.

Addressing permanent secretaries and some Directors of Administration and Finance (DAF) at the state secretariat in Lokoja on Monday, Ogunmola alleged that such was possible with the help of some top civil servants.

These ghost workers are staff who were not cleared during the last staff screening and verification exercise in the state.

While appealing against acts that could undermine efforts made by the present administration to clean up the payroll and restore the integrity of the civil service, she described the present reform of the service as the most thorough and result driven in the history of the state.

She allayed the fears of those who have been cleared but are yet to be returned to the payroll, assuring that the report was ready and awaiting approval by the Governor, which she revealed would happen anytime soon.

On the pay parade conducted in 2018, the head of service lamented that despite strenuous measures taken to avoid loopholes in the exercise ghost names, even of deceased civil servants kept appearing on the payroll and alleged complicity by civil servants.

She cited a case of a woman who retired in 2016 and was discovered to be drawing salaries and pension at the same time, and urged for increased vigilance on the part of the permanent secretaries and directors of administration and finance.

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