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I Was A Victim of Discrimination Against Ihima People – Lady in Viral Ebira Video

Having a widely held opinion or image about a group of people is almost becoming conventional as stereotype itself, and it is at its worst state discriminatory. No longer comfortable with the discrimination against the people of Ihima in the central senatorial district of Kogi State, Alao Halima stirred a “Say No to Discrimination” video that went viral on Facebook raking over 10,000 views. 

Halima sang a song in Ebira that narrated a perspective to the reasons behind the discrimination against her people.
In a chat with Ebira Reporters on Monday, she said her brother taught her the song in 2015 for Ihima Day cultural event, even as she was a victim of the stereotype herself.
She said her people are wrongly painted as wicked, evil, stubborn, secretive and hateful. 
“Actually, it inspired the song to be able to know what exactly happened in the ancient days.I’m a victim of it. I was denied of love because I’m from Ihima,” she said. 
She added that she made the video “for the sake of it,” and never expected it to go that viral, as she has also been getting calls from people. 
On her having a career in Music, the graduate of Computer Science said her prospect is rather in acting than singing.

Watch video:

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