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Top 5 Things to DO When You Visit Ebiraland


Unless you’re uniquely averse to living the “extrovert life,” Ebiraland can be anything but boring for anyone. Ebiraland is an active and sociocultural city. The curious sights and multi-layered sounds that waft through the air beckon its residents to wake up and do something. Anything! The superb thing is that anything can happen on any given day in Ebiraland. You only have to know where to look.

Visit The Adogu’s Palace (Ohinoyi’s Palace in Okene)

Visiting one of the finest palace in Nigeria i think is worth the stress, I remember the first time i visited the palace it was awesome and as a matter of fact the best place in Ebiraland to take pictures (for girls). you will have the best site. Its a promise visiting this palace will make your visit to Ebiraland a nice one to remember

Experience the Ebira Ikede Musical Night (Unehe)

Unehe is the Ebira Ikede Musical display by a musician, it is like an album lunching by a particular musician in Ebiraland, each musician has to fix the date for his or her display and only the artist will perform till day break which makes it tiring for me and somehow boring but it will be worth it as it is noted to be Ebira own type of musical concert.

Witness The Ebira Day (Ebira Carnival)

Ebira Day (Ebira Carnival) is an annual event by a group in Ebiraland to showcase Ebira culture and tradition that often feature Music, Dance, Fashion, Cultural Display and Traditions, it iss a must attend event every other Anebira visit home for.

Visit and Shop at Ohu Variki (Okene Market)

Ohu Variki is one of the most popular Market in Ebiraland that you must visit and do shopping you can buy lots of things. i have previously writen an article on the guides to Ohu Variki click here to read.

Ekuechi and Echane Festival.

Now it is through this two festivals that you will know how rich Ebira culture and tradition is, as the festivals feature masquerade display and lots of fun. you have to be careful so that you wouldn’t be flogged though.

I will drop my pen here, but i promise you other articles on city guides is still coming your way from me (Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza).

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