#KogiDecides: Whoever Brings Violence to My Kingdom Will Die Before 2020 – Monarch

Barely 5 days to the Kogi State gubernatorial election, the Olumagongo of Magongo land, His Royal Majesty, Obin Sam Bola Ojo has placed curses on whoever perpetrates violence in his kingdom during the exercise. 

The paramount ruler threatened that such persons will die before next year. 
The Monarch stated this on Sunday at an election door-to-door sensitization program in Ogori Magongo Local Government which was organized by the Challenge Parenthood Initiative, CPI.
He cautioned that the peace of Magongo should be top priority, as he won’t watch selfish politicians bring pains to his people. 
The Olumagongo who decried the spate of youth engagement in violence, said whoever engages in intimidation of voters, rigging and other electoral offences will face the wrath of the curse. 

He stated: “It shall never be well with any individual who brings violence to my kingdom. My people are scared because of the tension in the land. I repeat, who ever that cause violence in Magongo during this election will die before the end of this year. Their families will suffer afflictions for the rest of their lives. It is already stamped, and nothing would change it.
“Once again, let me advise the youths. They must not use their hands to destroy their tomorrow. They should think of a greater tomorrow than the peanuts given them by this set of people giving them guns to harm their fellow brothers and sister.

“We must sacrifice one day for Kogi state. God must intervene in Kogi. We have seen alot of ups and down. Politicians should know that if they use their today to puncture their tomorrow they will also be destroyed.”

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