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How To Use Bitter Kola (Oro) In Preventing Food Poisoning and Spell Destruction.

Take note that bitter kola doesn’t make appearance in any ritual that has to do with progress unlike what we have with a kola nut and others. Anytime you see a spiritualist performing a ritual with bitter kola, it stands for negativity.

We use bitter kola for destruction of spells and other missions. There are simple rituals you can perform with bitter kola. Knowledge that can save you from doom should you know. If you don’t know it, you suffer the penalty, this didn’t hold you from performing your daily prayers as a matter of fact it’s Islamic.

Let us take for instance, most times you see flies in good number flying and perching at your shop or office. In normal circumstances, flies are only seen at a place where there are offensive odour, that’s to say, where something seems to be corrupted. These are possible reasons for attraction. Then ask yourself, why are flies at your shop or office? It’s an obvious sign that something is wrong somewhere. Something is cooking.

Watch your sales throughout the day and period of time. Watch your expenses and income. You see that expenses are greater than income. Watch your business transactions and customers reflection.
You must understand that something is wrong somewhere. Bitter kola can do the wonder!

Using Bitter Kola (Oro) in Spell Destruction.

  • Look for a bitter kola, wash it properly not removing its husk (the back).
  • Get 21 seeds of alligator pepper (Ose in Ebira Language).
  • Insert the alligator seeds inside your mouth together with the bitter kola.
  • Chew them together, stand at the centre of your shop or office, facing the door post.
  • Affirm that whatsoever that has caused the invitation of the ugliness that makes vulture to visit and desire to eat live sheep (it’s an adage).
  • That you affirm it goes back to the sender and remain safe wherever it came from now and right now.
  • Splash seven times forward (facing the door post). Turn back and splash seven times.
  • You should continue this exercise till you experience positive changes. Have this secret for spiritual exercise.

Get to know that spirits are stubborn. Some spirits are as stubborn as some human. This is why you need sound spiritual knowledge to overcome. Otherwise, you have no place to go at the course of your spiritual practices. A ritual that deserves eight days ritual practices won’t be okay at four days.
Learn this truth and secret today! Just like the saying, a spirit that ask for seven never take six. Is as simple as that!

Using Bitter Kola (Oro) In Preventing Food Poisoning.

You can use bitter kola for protection against poisonous attacks. Did you hear about the whole families that died of food poisoning in Ebiraland not long ago? Well it can be prevented using Oro and Ose (Bitter Kola and Alligator Pepper)

To do this, very early in the morning, before you drink water or eat any food. Get a seed of bitter kola, wash properly, and get 21 seeds of alligator pepper. Insert on your mouth and chew together. Swallow them all!

This is not easy but then if you can do it, it has a long protection to offer you against poison for the whole day. Those of you who are travelling home this season for a visit. This is a season when evil are at their highest peak. Because you don’t know who is who.

Get yourself protected against poisonous food and drinks using this method. This protection last only for the day! Do it every morning.

Let me drop my pen at this juncture for later, to those calling and giving me WhatsApp messages don’t worry about anything I will answer all of your query, I am back fully now to give you more traditional contents… You Know Me Na.

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