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What Really Went Down Between Natasha, Bello And INEC – Full Story.


I have received several emails from Amebos like myself that they want to know what really happened between Aunty Natasha (as I will like to address her out of respect I am an African man so I get respect) Uncle Bello and INEC.

Now our Aunty Natasha will see INEC in court oh, hmm with the way I am hearing things now ehn, INEC really suck up to the phrase ‘Order From Above oh. What I don’t understand is, who that person above is given that order. But Aunty Natasha has dragged INEC and APC to court oh base on say Uncle Yahaya Bello Registered as voter twice now she dey demand say make them disqualify Uncle Bello

Make una no worry sit tight while I give you the full gist below (is not like I am doing Amebo oh). I will never be biased I go tell the story according to how E take happened with pictures. So I urge you to read to the end before you judge…

This is how it all started before Aunty Natasha got disqualified from the race to contest for Governorship Election. Aunty Natasha Akpoti was eyeing the senatorial seat and she was denied that privilege because according to her the election was bought with N2,000 and was rigged (According to her and her supporters) and the matter still dey court now.

We dey pity you dont worry we go buy you ticket to run for Governor. Ok?

So later, some good people out of pity and generosity told Aunty Natasha that she should come, if she is ready they will pay for her to run for Governor in Kogi State (because they know she has wasted a lot during the Natasha vs Ayo Senatorial race (Ogembe is just a side chick in the race he is out of the picture lmao)).

If your hand touch that thing.. ehn?

When Natasha got the ticket to run for the race of Governor I was there in Abuja this Guy was in the picture was trying to stop the crowd from getting to Aunty Natasha, See if dem born you well make that your hand touch Bakasi you go see wetin we go do to you Hediot. Mcheeew make una no vex make we continue our story.

Mehn!!!! This girl do like this collect ticket?

Due to a lot of crowd that turned up for the event I heard Uncle Yahaya in the Lugard house nearly peed in his pant because, he thought, Aunty Natasha was joking when she said she will come for Governor, Hmm.

So Uncle Yahaya come they regret say had he known, he would have let Natasha win the senatorial election oh but what to do, it was too late for that already, so everybody come they bring Ideas on how to defeat Aunty Natasha and take her out of the picture before the Election because Aunty Natasha is a Social Media Noise Maker she fit spoil market for Uncle GYB before November 16th. Those present during the pitching of Ideas were Adayi Ohere, Uncle Kabiru Onyene and the likes of Ajagu the comedian and Yunique the Ozi Ori, but these ones got car and cash bribe before pitching. (And boom they finally got into conclusion).

hahaha GYB is funny oh…

When i heard about what was going on in the lugard house about their plans, I personally rushed to Aunty Natasha to tip her oh, (not that i am doing Amebo). but Aunty Natasha no take the matter seriously, she just busted into laughter, she laugh so tey she forget to give transport back to Okene. hmm

Engr. Khalid Adams is my deputy.

So when Aunty Natasha was ready to pick a deputy everyone was at alert and have the thinking shebi she said she is a Humanitarian? That is what we will use against her, Aunty Natasha mistakenly picked the running mate that falls below 35 years of age thinking that the bid ‘Not Too Young To Run’ was in place not knowing This Is Nigeria..

INEC Chairman be like – Kai, That Natasha Deputy I No Qualify Fa..

But instead of INEC to reject the candidate submission instantly they didn’t, it was later they sent SDP a letter to notify them that the choice in the deputy picked by the party is not qualified to be Aunty Natasha running mate.

Sorry We Cant Accept That.

So according to Aunty Natasha when they (Aunty Natasha and her SDP party) were ready to replace the deputy candidate INEC officials refuse to accept the replacement where as its not due date yet actually.

Adamooo – They Have disqualified Aunty Natasha oh innnnnn.

That was how they disqualified Aunty Natasha oh just like that oh.

I am still crying for Aunty Natasha oh

Aunty Natasha explained everything in a video she did live on her Facebook timeline, watch video below:

Now Aunty Natasha has jumped into conclusion that it is Uncle Yahaya Bello that is behind all this and that she will definitely deal with Uncle GYB by leaking some of his secret online and in court. so because of this now. She has dragged INEC and Uncle GYB party (APC) to court oh that Uncle Yahaya registered voters card twice so he should be disqualified.

Bello – You see wetin that Natasha girl dey talk ba?

Actually Uncle GYB has not released any official statement yet but i heard brother Edward Onoja has not been the same since he heard the news. but make una no worry i go give una latest updates later.

Always visit for more i am coming first. Thank you for reading this is all for now.

The End.

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