Guber Poll: Stop Politics Of Exclusion, Igala Vanguard Cautions Kogi Central


A socio-political group, Igala Vanguard, has cautioned the people of Kogi Central over attempt to create politics of exclusion and division among the ethnic groups in the state.

The group, in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Engineer Lawrence Akpa, said the ongoing ostracization and denigration of members of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from Kogi Central is an evidence of their desire to play and practice ethnic politics towards November 16 governorship election in the state.

Akpa noted that gladiators from the central senatorial district are laying claim to an alleged statement made by PDP governorship candidate, Engr Musa Wada on a national television programme as a excuse to create unhealthy rivalry, tribal politics among the peace loving Kogites. He noted that Wada did not make the statements credited to him by Dr. Tom Ohikere, who is bent on igniting ethnic crisis in the state.

Engineer Akpa alleged that the underneath intention is to disallow other candidates, including that of the main opposition party, from having access to sell his manifesto to the people from the central part of the state.

He said the planned action, if carried out, will negate the principle of collective bargaining and accessibility by various ethnic groups to other parts of the state.

Akpa wondered what the people of central senatorial district stands to achieve by restricting and disregarding people with other political ideas, adding that the idea is novel and evil.

He noted that while APC members from Kogi East and of Igala extraction campaign freely for their party and its candidate who is from the central day and night, the people from Kogi Central who are working for PDP candidate, Engineer Musa Wada are been intimidated and rebuked for their political belief.

Igala Vanguard stated that such political orientation will further widen the gap of development and understanding between the people of the state, urging those perpetrating such act to desist forthwith.

He said governance is the collective responsibility of everybody, irrespective of tribe, creed, religion and race.


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