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Guber Poll: Only Governor Yahaya Bello Can Make Kogi State Work – With Reasons.

Engr. Ismail Adeiza Israel

Lets stop the words (Make Kogi Work Again!) Kogi has never worked, we started seeing changes when Governor Yahaya Bello became the Governor of the state. Kogi State has more Ghost Workers than any other states in Nigeria miss managing the states resources, but this came to an end with his strategic plans.

When Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello was elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as governor of Kogi State, there were many who wagered that he would not live up to the expectations the electorate had for a better and much more developed state.
To them, Bello was just another new kid on the block, a political rookie, one whose adminstration they predicted would be shaped by pauses, such as the perfunctory rituals of being governor, “no motion! no movement”, mediocre like, and not by visible and sustainable development. How wrong!
Today, Kogites marvel at the breath taking pace in which development has enveloped and travelled further and faster down the nooks and crannies of the state in his years in office, this is despite the emergence of the recession which whittled down the ambitions of a number of sister states, forcing them to cut down on their development agenda, this was not so in Kogi State, under GYB.

These projects and services, which represent such meaningful development as well as Bello’s body language that his best is yet to come, unleashed the calls and appeals for a well deserved second term for him. Now, there is no more powerful expression of how people evaluate the performance of a democratic office holder in government than in reelecting or in rejecting him!

Securing a state like Kogi is naturally any administrator’s migraine as a headache is indeed an understatement of the security challenges of cosmopolitan Kogi.
In tackling these challenges, Bello has not only topped his game, he has also being proactive on issues affecting the security of Kogi State.
He successfully equipped the Kogi State Police Command and the State’s Rapid Response Squad with crime fighting gadgets worth more than any amount sister states has to spend on the states security agenda.
Aside these, officers serving in Kogi State have better welfare, insurance and death benefit scheme packages when compared with other sister states including the FCT.

I say we let the good work of Governor Yahaya Bello Continue by voting him in the November 2019 Governorship Election.

It doesn’t matter which part of Kogi State you are from or what political party you belong to in the past, GYB has proven his self to be the firat Governor of the state to put aside all this and face his call of duty, by making Kogi the home we all deserved.

New Direction is the code, Bello/Onoja are the Men, 4 + 4 is the sign and APC is the Platform.

Keep your PVC intact, and say no to violence during election…

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Engr. Ismail Ameiza Israel.

Yakubu Binuyaminu
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