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Ebira Online Most Downloaded Ebira Songs – (September – October 2019).

In the history of my blogging career this month of September – October 2019, I experience so many server overloads and downtime, and the cause was based on the fact that lots of music lovers now use Ebira Online Media daily to source for text and media contents. I can boldly say that Ebira Online now received Min of 6k – 10k users daily and we are very proud of it.

Below are the lists of all most downloaded Ebira Songs from the month of September to October 2019, the song from this list that has the lowest downloads has 8,567 downloads and the most downloaded one has 24,231. According to our statistics on successful downloading clicks and recording only one click per IP Address. So let’s get down to the list.

1. KEBIRA (Speak Ebira) by Binoosmart.

This is a song by myself featuring the likes of NickiBerry, Zulkaly, Lil Em, DollarDickson and Felixo mixed and mastered by Felixo. This song talked about how youths and some elders of nowadays now preferred foreign languages to their own Ebira Language and also emphasised on why Ebira needs to be more spoken more often (No wonder it is the most downloaded song). See link below

Download Kebira by Binoosmart, featuring All Stars

2. Ume Ami by Sharon Sonia featuring Yunique (Ozi Ori).

We have always look forward to collaboration from this two top Ebira Pop artists (Sharon Sonia & Yunique) and they dropped two songs they did but fortunately this one Ume Ami by Sharon Sonia made it to the spot of 2nd In the full list. See link below

Download Sharon Sonia – Ume Ami featuring Yunique (Ozi Ori)

3. Far Away by NickiBerry featuring Yunique (Ozi Ori).

Far Away by NickiBerry (The No. 1 Ebira Female Rapper) found its way to the third position, the song which is one of the most searched song recorded by Google Analytic. This song is about a fallen relationship and cruel some partners can be in a relationship, this song featured clean Rap Lyrics from both NickiBerry an Yunique and Ozi Ori its indeed a must have on your playlist.

Download Far Away by NickiBerry ft. Yunique (Ozi Ori)

4. Ebira Girl by Yunique featuring Sharon Sonia.

Ebira Girl by Yunique (Ozi Ori) featuring Sharon Sonia follows the trend of Brown Skin Girl by Beyoncé and Wizkid, this song is one of the songs dropped by the two artists at the same time. See downloading link below

Download Ebira Girl by Yunique ft. Sharon Sonia

5. Yiasiye (We Have Known) by Jahffaru (St. Jeff).

After so much wait Jahffaru finally released his first single of the Year to prepare for his up and coming album this got over 13k reach, from Jahffaru’s Official Facebook Page and has lots of shares now the song made it to the 5th position in the list Jahffaru should be named the No Bad Songs Singer of Ebiraland. Download link below

Download Yiasiye by Jahffaru (St. Jeff)

6. Ete Adayi (Our Fatherland) by Dr. Onimisi

The title ‘Ete Adayi’ made justification to what the song is about, hearing that you think it’s a regular Ebira Peace song but no it’s beyond peace and not a regular song, should I tell you why you need this song? Just download and judge for yourself. Download link below

Download Ete Adayi by Dr. Onimisi

7. Ihima Evayi Engwuani by Sunshine

This record is one of the most sort after song in Ebiraland and it found its way to the 7th position of this list. Download link below

Download Ihima Evayi Engwuani by Sunshine

8. Ekehi by Diyo Ozi Niger

Late Diyo Ozi Niger song is still in vogue till tomorrow reason known to every Ebira Man and Woman that know Diyo before he met his death from Killers in Okene. Ekehi by Diyo is a song I love personally even though it has some abusive words but it’s worth listening to and it’s a must have. Download link below

Download Ekehi by Diyo Ozi Niger

9. Okumatete by Onyieche

The late Onyieche Okumatete song she titled Okumatete is one of the most Searched name in Ebiraland and also has 9th position of most downloaded songs on Ebiraland Media. Late Onyieche created a Niche for herself in Ikede Ebira Cultural musical genre and made name for herself before her death. Download link below

Download Okumatete by late Onyieche

10. God Mind by Itabriz

Do you know good Rap, or let me say do you love Rappers and their rap songs? if you are then you will fall in love more, and if you don’t, you will start loving Rap Music with this song. 

Download God Mind by Itabriz

11. Odoyewu by Whinny (Wizvibes)

Odoyewu by Whinny is another hit song we have encounter on Ebira Online and we recorded this song to be one of the most searched song from Ebiraland according to Google Trends. This song is love song you must have on your playlist. Download below

Download Odoyewu by Whinny

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