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Can anyone really be snatched? – Story by Lois Isoyiza


I fumigated my house today so I have been spending the entire day at my friend’s boyfriend house because that’s the closest convenient place I can pass time. My friend is not around. It’s just me and her boyfriend.

It reminds me of the post Funke Akindele made on her friends having contact or visiting her husband. Since a large percentage of the responses concurred with her, does that mean if I were friends with any of them I would have had to pass time under Ikeja bridge today given the circumstances I found myself?

Why would I be friends with a person & vice versa if there’s no element of trust? In relationships I would classify myself as a jealous lover but why would I l be dating someone I need to monitor like a puppy?

In my lifetime I have never had any form of intimate attraction towards the boyfriend/husband of my friends or sisters and I am certain it can never be me.

Can people really be ‘snatched’ except they want to be snatched?

Speaking of the word ‘snatched’, I have been a victim. A few years ago a friend had brazenly accused me of snatching her boyfriend.

It happened that she kept calling that she needed to see me urgently.
“It’s not something I can say on phone.” She had told me so we fixed a date.
My girl invited me to Chicken Republic with all smiles. She bought a plate of rice for me with a big piece of chicken.
I’m just happy I wasn’t poisoned because of MAN…
“You won’t you eat too?” I asked as I happily dug into the chicken.
“Eat.” She said while maintaining a poker face.

I’m guessing she took her confrontation lessons from one of Tyler Perry Movies.

I barely finished eating my chicken when she started reading aloud a text from her phone. I can’t remember the words but the summary of the anonymous text was she is a despicable person who does this and that and her boyfriend, Mr A should the sender of the message rather.

“They sent it to you?” I asked.
She said, seriously? I was going to pretend l did not know what she is talking about?

“This text has your handwriting all over. Are you trying to snatch Mr A from me?” She asked me.
Thank God she dropped that bombshell when I was no longer eating the chicken bone else I would have choked on it.

I can’t remember much from that evening except that the chicken was very sweet and that I spent the next thirty minutes trying to convince her I didn’t send that message.

Apparently the sender of the message sent that with an unregistered sim card and the phone number was off.

I even offered her my pro bono services to join forces with investigating the identity of this ‘snatcher.’

She didn’t believe me.

“Why would I go after Mr A of all people?” I asked her.

She said she has seen the way I looked at him once and the boyfriend once said he likes my personality.


This nonsense even happened at a time when I used to be effortlessly wretched so I wondered how it looked believable that I went to snatch someone’s boyfriend. A whole monkey like me back then. 

She tamed it down and said if I come clean there and then she was going to forgive me. Lol.

“I am not the one please. Seriously. I can swear if you want.” I said.

Deep down I was reeling with excitement because this friend of mine is fineeeeeee yet she was afraid of an ex monkey like me even though she indirectly implied the boyfriend was remotely attracted to my inner beauty.

She requested that I don’t bring up the issue with Mr A.
Then she was silence for a while before she walked out on me.
A perfect finishing to a Tyler Perry movie scene. Bravo!

Deep down I knew our friendship will never be the same again.

A few months down the line I could not help but present the issue to her boyfriend when I ran into him. This guy was just laughing. He opened up that he was the one who sent the message to her.
He did that so she’ll take the relationship more serious if she knows he is desired by other girls.
I was annoyed when I heard it but then again, he was undeserving of my anger because he wasn’t aware of the confrontation that went on between his girlfriend and I or that I was even roped into their love triangle.

It was my friend who had trust issues with me for whatever personal reasons. Of all their mutual friends, why me? I was the hurt one at the end of the day. The realisation of this made me keep my findings personal.
She wasn’t worth it.

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