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10 Uncommon Foods That Ebira People Eat – Binoosmart

Believe me, I have received turns of emails and phone calls from my fans demanding I should drop another article on the topic, Ebira Food for a very long time. But don’t worry I am here to quench your taste with this article you are reading (10 Uncommon Foods That Ebira People Eat) don’t go anywhere read this to the end. You Will Love It I Promise You.

While you might be used to only Fish (Ivovo), Sheep/Cow Skin (Upa) and Meat, some of us are quite adventurous on our quest to satisfy our self when it comes to food. Some of you guys might have had some of these foods while some of you have not so later you tell me which one you’ve had.

Below are the lists of Uncommon Foods Eaten By Some Ebira People.

Please read the list and read the explanations after seeing the lists.

  1. Snakes (Ewu)
  2. Wing Termite (Ivo)
  3. Locusts or Grasshopper (Odimpaku)
  4. Frogs (Onyo)
  5. Dog Meat (Irezi)
  6. Pork (Uraa)
  7. Tree or Palm Weavil Larvae (Kukurumi Inochi or Osochi)
  8. Crickets (Irehi)
  9. Alligator (Uva)
  10. Bat (Ariga)

Snakes (Ewu)

The snake which also known as Ewu in Ebira Language. I have taken snake before, apparently, snakes taste like fish. They are well-seasoned, roasted or fried. People aren’t afraid of the fangs and venom, neither are they afraid of the cold-blooded slimy animal.

Wing Termites (Ivo)

Termites, often known as “Ivo”, are a common snack for some parts of Nigeria and are one of the weird things Nigerians eat. These insects come out en masse when the rains start and are fond of circling around any source of light that they see. Nigerians pack them, wash, salt and roast them inside a pot. Believe me you have missed i you never eat this termite before.

Locust or Grasshopper (Odimpaku)

Now, this are of two types ‘Ichacha’ and ‘Odimpaku’. Ichacha is Grasshopper while Odimpaku is locust. We do hunt Odimpaku back in the days and it’s very sweetmeat. Hunting grasshoppers is a favorite pastime for children in rural areas. They can be fried, boiled, salted, or sun-dried.

Frogs (Onyo)

Onyo is a very popular meat in Ebiraland, Frog as meat isn’t common in this part of the world, but many do it. They are either fresh or dried and used as meat in stews and soups. They kind of taste like chicken, very tasty.

Dog Meat (Irezi)

We have to be very sensitive here, as some people eat Dog but Islam kicks against the eating of Dogs. While the rest of the world believes that dog is man’s best friend, some Nigerians, particularly Calabar and Ondo people see the animal as a delicacy. A dog is not necessarily meant to be a pet or guard the house, sometimes it is just a good source of protein.

Pork (Uraa)

You can relate it to dog meat some people in Ebiraland do eat Pig, as a matter of fact, the pig is one of the most breed animals in Ebiraland Back in the days.

Tree or Palm Weavil Larvae (Kukurumi Inochi or Osochi)

After harvesting palm wine from the palm tree, the tree is left to rot and later produces some kind of big worms popularly known as “Kukurumi”. These worms are roasted and eaten as a delicacy.

Crickets (Irehi)

Crickets (Irehi in Ebira Language) are another group of insects that children like to hunt for and take home to fry or roast with pepper. According to Legit, crickets are low in fat and provide complete protein containing all nine of the essential amino acids.

Alligator (Uva)

A certain clan in Ebiraland forbid the eaten of Alligator (Uva) for reasons, this clan is predominated in Eika Ohizenyin. It is quite common for alligators to be killed for their skin and commercial purposes, but as crazy as it may sound, alligators are also killed for their meat. This is also very common in Asia. Make my grandma no catch you say you eat uva oh.

Bat (Ariga)

Apparently, a lot of Nigerians enjoy bat meat. The winged mammals are a delicacy in certain places and you can even get some to buy on the expressway from those selling ‘bush meat’. They are also discouraged as they are speculated to be one form that the ebola virus is spread.

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The End.

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