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7 Facts About Gogoyin The Africa Talking Drum.


Anidayi Anebira, I am back again with another mind blowing article, but this time it’s about one of the oldest musical instrument in Africa (The Talking Drum, known as Gogoyin in Ebira Language).

The talking drum (Gogoyin) that voice of Africa which is a means of communication, a tool for celebration and a voice that speaks counsel in the past, present and the nearest future, you are about to be open to the world of astonishing secrets of this instrument that is heard and marveled all over the world

  • The talking drum has numerous other names and some of them are Gogoyin, Gangan, Dundun, Doodo and Igba.
  • The talking drum’s history can be traced to the descendants of Oduduwa, the Yoruba people now all Nigerians one way or the other adopted it. So as Ebira People
  • The first drummer to use Gogoyin is Ayangalu according to Yoruba history. I don’t know the first man in Ebira land.
  • The talking drum remain one of the oldest instruments of West Africa
  • The talking drum is an hour glass shaped musical instrument which has a replica in Asia called ‘Idakka’ only that it can only mimic vocal music but the talking drum can mimic vocal music and speech
  • The talking drum was used as a means of communication in the past in is still being used today and will continue to in the nearest future.
  • English emigrant, John F. Carrington was so fascinated by the drum and drummers that he wrote a book ‘The Talking Drums of Africa’ which was published in 1949 which explained how African Drummers could communicate complex message over long distances some about 4-5 miles away, now that is shocking

My fingers are so itchy right now, i feel like continue writing but sadly i have to drop my pen here, so what do you think about Gogoyin one of the Oldest Africa Musical Instruments? Drop your views below.

Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza (Binoosmart).


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