Top 10 Ebira Songs To Listen To In 2019

Etemeya Anidayi Anebira? (How is everything my good people of Ebira?) This is another edition of Ebiraland Media Yearly best song list that we at use to publish every January of Every Year. Though we started out last Year 2018 when Yakubu Binuyaminu list out Top Ebira Love Songs to Listen to in 2018, it was a hit fellow Ebiralanders really enjoy the list and encourage us to do more in the year to come so.

Our promise to you we are keeping right now as we are bringing this lists out for you to listen and add more latest and nice songs to your Playlist so let’s fire down to the Ranking of the Top 10 Ebira Songs To Listen To In 2019 Starting from number 1.

1. Lizzy Asuva – Am Sorry (Jeivemi)

Am Sorry by Lizzy Asuva is one out of million song you have to listen to if you don’t have it already on your playlist it’s an apology song with good flows and tight lyrics.

2. NickiBerry – Hete Tuwa (Leave Them)

Hete Tuwa by NickiBerry is a Rap Song by No.1 Ebira Female Rapper with 50 Cent instrumental she is our own Nicki Minaj download this song below:

3. Lizzy Asuva – Ebira is Beautiful

Ebira is Beautiful is a song by Lizzy Asuva, for so much reason this song made 3rd position in my list not only because of the lyrical content but also because of the artist Lizzy Asuva made the no.1 position on the whole list, she is damn Good and this song is a must download for everyone.

4. NickiBerry – Ijova Oni Kaki

Ijova Oni Kaki by NickiBerry, which means Military Government is a another hit Rap Song by not any other artist but NickiBerry the Ebira Peoples Nicki Minaj this sound is dope no wonder it made the 4th position of the list.

5. Sharon Sonia – Rule Your World 

Sharon Sonia is no new name in our ears she is a multi-talented Ebira Afro Pop artist that deliver good music to the ear of those that knows Good Music. This song is titled Rule Your World not for any other reason but because of the message it is sending. This self-development and motivation song is a must have on your playlist.

6. Jahffaru (St. Jeff) – Ize (Wealth)

Jahffaru also known as St. Jeff is an indigenous Ebira High life musician that delivers the best sound to our ears in Ebiraland and he delivered this one he titled Ize which means WEALTH.

7. Hajj Ciroma – Halasiya

Following the trend of the New Dance and sound of Music in Nigeria this era (Shaku Shaku or Zanku Dance). Hajj Ciroma dropped this song to make us dance. Download this below.

8. Yunique – BMH (Bless My Hustle)

Let God Bless Our Hustle Jare!!! The no.1 Ebira Rapper and Afro Pop artist Yunique Ozi Ori after dropping this track he was graced with a brand new car. It’s a hustler’s song so you must have it if you are a Hustler

9. Itabriz – Good Feeling

So Far the best Ebira Love Song of the year you must download it and listen to the good lyrics and flow of love talk

10. Felixo X Itabriz – Ayi Ohine

Felixo is No.1 Ebira Producer Also an Afro Pop artist featuring no.1 Ebira Hard core Rapper Itabriz the both collaborated to put out this awesome song titled Ayi Ohine meaning Happiness. A must have song.

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