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[Ebira Music] Lizzy Asuva – Am Sorry (Jeivemi) Download..


Queen Lizzy Asuva is a musician. Yes we know, why telling us again? well i have to remind you just in case you forgot. This song has been in anticipation for over a week now, what!! it has been in anticipation since last year 2018. but it’s hear now for you to download check the ink below to download this awesome song.

The beautiful crooner has drop another banger for all her fans you should download it and thank me later because this is a true definition of good music.

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  1. Listening to the sound feels like i am home, i once thought its a love song just like Justin Bierber – Sorry. But its sound good nice voice

  2. Nice Jam i followed this link from my email and it was worth it. Thanks for making us feel at home on this site i am missing home.

  3. Dear Yakubu Bn Aminu,
    Well done for the good job, more grace!
    Please help a brother with all mp3 audio of b2x(Hameed).
    Thanks, am so grateful.


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