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Ebira Music: Samenty – 2017 Album (Volume 1 & 2)


After so much request from our site readers on Samenty one of the Ebira Traditional musician representing Ebira People world wild songs we decided to add some to your playlist. Just like I have uploaded some of Ebira Traditional songs on this site: Diyo Songs, Salau Ofelele, Irenuohi and now Samenty.

I have got to warn you though! because this songs are very huge and will take alot of space on your disk unless you are on un-metered data like on Wifi don’t download but if you are really interested in downloading them then go ahead and download each of the song is upto 80mb

Download Samenty – 2017 Album (Volume 1) mp3
Download Smenty – 2017 Album (Volume 2) mp3


  1. The song is very awesome but the size is very huge.. 80mb I am in Nigeria right now, i will download the volume 2 when i get back to the states Next Week


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