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Opinion: The Need For Natasha Akpoti To Represent Kogi Central Senatorial District In 2019

Among all our men that have represented us at the red chamber, who among them lived up to expectations? Who among them fought for the reasons they were voted for? Who among them represented the general interest of the people of Central with sincerity of purpose?
Who among them brought the dividends of democracy to the people? And who among their lots except late Distinguished Senator, A.T Ahmed of blessed memory, who brought the presence of the government to their constituents?
To be factual, none of these were obtainable in the recent political activities that had taken place in Kogi Central.
This is why we should realize the fact that our men had disappointed us and they have failed to find solutions to the pressing issues affecting the Central.
Funds meant for Constituency projects were either mismanaged or diverted for personal benefits.
With all these in play, we have seen, heard and read about a lady, Barr. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti who from self effort, had changed the lives of an ordinary people through an established organization by her to positively affect the lives of the people.
Natasha H. Akpoti has in all capacity driven so hard to making sure the only resources available on the land, Ajaokuta Steel Company is revived to benefit not only the people of the Central she is vying to represent, but the nation at large.
Despite the fact that she is in no position of authority, yet; she has given it all it takes to see its actualisation against all obstacles.
Ajaokuta has been a campaign platform for the most erstwhile occupants of the exalted position which they all failed us.
Moreso, Barr. Natasha, having been recognised and loved by the masses in Kogi Central due the aforementioned selfless service to humanity.
It is no doubt in the minds of the masses in Kogi Central now that Barr. Natasha is the right choice that can bring sustainable development to our fatherland. Our education, health, roads, business opportunity will be given priority and our District will gradually be uplifted.
Hunger will be wiped off through ‘Natasha Poverty Eradication Programme’ in the Central. Women and youth capacity building will also bring the unemployed youths into various self-owned micro businesses to support the efforts of the State Government.
My dear people of Kogi Central, let us be wise. Support Barr. Natasha H. Akpoti who is already fighting for our positive development before now, to enable us enjoy and preserve better lots for our next generation.
Thank you.
– Hon Amir Habib 


  1. How can you post someone else's article on your platform and you couldn't credit him for it? This is a plagiarism of the highest order. This write up is made by Alhaj Umar AbdulQudus Okene.. How come his name is not showing under the write up?

    please learn to give credit to whom it is due…

  2. This write up :" THE NEED FOR NATASHA AKPOTI TO REPRESENT KOGI CENTRAL IN 2019" if at must be posted on your platform should at least have the consent of the original writer before being posted herein. what type of journalism are you practicing in Nigeria? Should you not take a permission from the original writer before proceeding by posting it? even you must use the material on your platform, shouldn't the original writer be credited being the original writer?

    I want this write up to be removed immediately or better still be credited to the original witer, if it must be on your platform. Hon. Amir Habib should be meant to know the ethic of journalism and the rules guiding it.


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