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See Photos: Okene Nigeria Is The True Definition Of Bad Roads.

Our youths some time take every important issue lightly when they needed most to action. We are the chief media to politicians but we can’t post or write for our community in whatever way we need their help. 
Dear President Muhammad Buhari, thanks for your love and support to take Nigeria to there promise land we really appreciate your kindness. Kogi state was part of the middle belt of Nigeria but they used to be sidelines from the FEDERAL Infrastructure. 
Nigerians has lost so many of her citizens through this OKENE/ABUJA road before the existence of Governor Yahaya Bello who make the road easy for the passer_by. Federal College of Education in okene has lost many of her student before our Governor recently flagged off a pedestrian bridge for the school. All most 60% average of Nigerians pass through this road every day and night. 
This Road has been in bad condition for almost five good year’s before GYB came on board. The governor has tried his best for our roads in kogi state which he needed more support from the federal government to do more. Baba BUHARI we had and see your good work all over Nigeria but we never know why is kogi state and exemption from this good infrastructure of yours. 
Please the federal government should come to our Aid before we lost people again. APC government we are using this moment to tell you that we need our OKENE/ABUJA road to be put in consideration before the campaign. Kogi youths we have to shout on top of our voice till federal government come to our Aid. 
This is not for OKENE people if that is what you are thinking, this is kogi state that belongs to all of us, one way or the other you or your relatives will pass through this road one day. 
  • Engr Abubakar Ohere 
  • Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza
  • Engr Abdulrazaq Jimoh Mnse 
  • Abdulhamid Okene Aminu 
  • Alhaji Abdulrahaman Khalifa Okene 
  • Prince Abdulkareem Onyekehi 
  • Hon. Abdulkareem Asuku 
  • Gbenga Gold Olorunpomi 
  • Alhaji Hussain Oseni. 
  • Engr Abdulmalik Abdullahi Okino 
  • Hon Mario 
  • Okeji Daniel Bin Baqqi 
  • Ebirafoundation Helpcentre
  • Ebiraland Media 
  • Ebira Pikin 
  • Kogi Focus 
  • Shiru Lawal 
  • Mohammed Chukwuemeka 
  • Abubakar ES Ozioto 

To every body I mention, please if you are close to the government please put it their table. To those I wasn’t able to mention please pass it on and on. Kogi citizens please repost.

Nigerians at large please let’s talk on the same voice. 
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria. 
God bless Kogi State 
God Bless Ebiraland
God bless Ebiraland Media
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By By Babamba Onize Juwairra
Written By

I am a Travel Blogger, Computer Engineer, Internet Marketer, and a Web Developer I can design the most perfect Website for your business for any info, hit me up on Whatsapp +2347033004080

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