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Mercy Johnson Biography, Family, Husband, Children As She Clocks 34 – Birthday

If you are conversant with Nollywood movies, then you must be aware of who Mercy Johnson is. Even if you don’t watch Nollywood movies, you might have in one way or the other heard her name. she is an actress who over the years have built her career to become a star and very good at what she does because of her unique way of acting. Lets get to know more about her besides acting as she clocks 34 today.


FULL AND ACTUAL NAME: Mercy Ozioma Johnson-Okojie

AGE: She is currently 34 Years old, born on the 28th of August, 1984 (Today is her birthday).

OCCUPATION: Acting, that is what we know her for ever since.

STATE OF ORIGIN: She is an indigene of Kogi State, Okene to be precised. Although she was born in Lagos State.

FAMILY: Daniel Johnson (her father, who is a naval officer), Elizabeth Johnson (her mother, she died in May, 2018), Prince Odianosen Okojie (her husband, they got married in the year 2011) and she is blessed with three (3) kids.

EDUCATION: At a very young age, while in Calabar, she started her primary school education but was not able to finish her primary education there because her father being a naval officer was transferred to Lagos where she continued her primary education at Nigerian Navy. After another transfer to Rivers, Port Harcourt, she started and finished her secondary school at the Nigerian Navy Secondary school.

After her secondary school education, Actress Mercy Johnson immediately auditioned for a movie, titled “The Maid” which gave her a great chance to bring her into limelight and it did. From that movie, she got several roles in different movies such as “War in the Palace”, “Baby Oku In America”, “Hustlers”


– Best supporting Actress at A.M.A (African Movie Award in 2009)
– Best actress at African Movie Award in 2013
– Google most searched Nigerian Celebrity in the year 2011 and 2012.
– She is presently the Senior special assistant to the governor of Kogi state on Entertainment, Arts and culture.

– 2004: The Maid (which brought her into stardom), Temptation, House Party.
– 2005: Women in Power, Lost to Lust, Kill the Bride.
– 2006: Under the Sky, Under Control, Thanksgiving, Sweet Mama, Pay Day, Painful World, One-Bullet, Oath of a Priest, Married to the enemy, Last kiss, Endless Night, Emotional Blunder, Dear Mama, 19 Macaulay Street
– 2007: Wealth Aside, Twist of Fate, The Scorpion God, The Last Tradition, Take Me Home, Sunny my Son, She is My Sister, Power Of Justice, My Beloved Son, Look Into My Eyes, Kolomental, Keziah, Genevieve, Evil Agenda, Desperate Ladies, Crisis in Paradise, Breathe of Anger, Area Mama.
– 2008: Tiger King, The gods are Wise, Temple of Justice, Tell me Why, Soul of a Maiden, Strength to Strength, Sin No More, Live to Remember, Kiss My Pain, Forest of Promises, Don’t wanna be a Player, Corporate Maid, Act of Faith.
– 2009: Tears of Hope, Royal Tears, Sound of Pain, Sexy Girls, Heat of the Moment, Entanglement, Clash of Twins, Beyond Desire, A Weeping Soul.
– 2010: A Cry for Justice (She acted just one this year).
– 2011: White Chapel, Where Money Sleeps, Weeping Soul, The Seekers, The Code, Secret Code, Thanks for Coming, Gallant Babes, Mirror of Life, End of Mirror of Life, Jewels of the Sun, Hear of a Widow, Heart of a Widow, Heart of a Fighter.
– 2012: World of the Mind, My World, Mercy the Bus Driver, Heart of a Saint, Sins of the past, Hand of Fate, Brave Mind, Deep Water, The Enemy I see, Power of a Kiss.
– 2013: Baby Oku in America 
– 2014: Hustlers, Bloody Ring
– 2015: Thy Will Be Done.

happy birthday to her…

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