Okehi 2019: Mr Spreading Advocates Special Care for The Needy


Okehi constituency House of Assembly hopeful, Matthew James Avabee, popularly known as Mr spreading, has called for more supports for the poor and less privileged.

Mr. Spreading made the call during his birthday celebration with friends and political associates on Sunday at his Lekki, Lagos residence.

He asserted that Nigeria will be great if only we are all willing to help the less privileged in our midst.
“Another year has come and my hope is very high that I am beginning to see that sooner than man’s calculation I will be touching the sky.

“I’m a year older, but younger, stronger, healthier and fresher… The zeal and passion to salvage humanity and transform lives is eating deep into me the more I advance in age, and this makes me conclude that my time has fully come.

“I want to appreciate my dear followers and friends, my fans and colleagues, my Pastors and teachers, my leaders (elected or appointed), I appreciate the role each has played in the adventurous journey of my life.
“Well, I lost my father in the course of this journey, but all Glory to God who knows the best.
“I have nothing much to say on this special day of mine, than re-communicate my passion again and again with anyone reading this piece. I am talking about the people-driven project we, though existing for long, officially inaugurated for the past three years when we first launch the National Day of Humanitarianism in commemoration of my birthday nationwide.

“I want to encourage us to do more and more, for at the end of our lives, we shall not be measured by how much gold we acquire but by how many people we have been able to put smile on their face.
“I want to sincerely urge our leaders and those whom God has already allocated a portion of materials prosperity to key into this project for the collective development of our nation. For I foresee, that Nigeria will be great if only we are all willing to help the less privileged in our midst.

“For the past years, my attention has been concentrated on the people of Lagos and Ogun state, where God has helped us to equip some schools with computers, donate both hard and soft copies of thousands of books to schools, we have also been privileged to extend a hand of love to some orphans by giving out food items and toiletries to orphanages, while scholarships are dole out to students, prisoners as well are not left behind as our outreaches has brought to them, food items, relief and medical materials, clean and hygienic water outlets, clothes and books in Ikoyi prison in Lagos.

“But this year my heart draws closer to the people of my dear state, Kogi state and most especially the great and loving people of Okehi Local Government and the constituency at large. By the Grace of God, my people will hear from me immediately after this Ramadan period.

“We have nothing to boast of, for all things belongs to God, but left for me, I would love to see a world where everyone will smile and leave in peace and in that spirit, I dedicate this birthday of mine to the dedicate downtrodden masses out there and I promise to reach out to you as God will permit,” he said.
He commended his political leader, Engr. Malik Okino and other associates for their show of love.

Yakubu Binuyaminu
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