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Natasha Hadiza Akpoti
The residential house of Barr. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti was yesterday the *18th of March 2018* gripped by a surprise visit of crowed under different agitation umbrella to solicit her towards serving the people in the 2019 political dispensation.
This is coming nearly two weeks after groups of women converged under the unbrella of Women Initiative for Natasha (WIN) to mark the 2018 International women’s day and unanimously put a clarion call to Natasha to stand for her people in the forthcoming general elections.
Leading the groups was an Youth body called Youth Coalition for Akpoti Natasha (YOUCAN) and had among others the following groups present;
  1. Coalition 4 Credible Choice in Kogi central.
  2. Women Initiative for Natasha
  3. Natasha Akpoti Support Foundation.
  4. Ebira Prayer Group
  5. Ebira Youth Vanguard of Nigeria.
  6. EYPA
  7. ODU, Abuja
  8. Coalition 4 Change
  9. IVA Abuja
  10. Ebira Avuvobe Youth Association.
  11. Natasha Akpoti Solidarity Movement. etc.

After the opening prayer by Elder Abdulraheem Sumaila, a minute silence was observed in honor of the late humanitarian icon Dr. Jimoh Akpoti who was eulogized as a hero who begot another hero. In his opening address, the spokesman of the coalition, Mr. Patrick stated that their visit and solicitation to Natasha was born out of the inspirations gotten from her uncommon courage for humanitarian services. “None like Natasha in this era as long as selfless leadership is concern. She has demonstrated that to the core”. People out there are waiting for us to unveil the good news to them by presenting Natasha Akpoti to step up her leadership stewardship in the political stream of new ideologies comes 2019. Mr. Patrick stated.
Other speakers also stressed the need for Natasha to answer the people’s call and take the usual bold step to lead her people to greatness. Mr. Looth in his address said “we need leaders who has the capacity to deliver and Natasha has proven worthy without doubt. She is a bundle of joy to any community, any region or any nation who has her as a leader. We have come to solicit you to come and stand for us and the Nigerian people. Don’t turn us down because we are ready to work with you to victory God’s willing. In the same line, Mr. Patrick insisted that every genius like Natasha must be encouraged to take position of authority in other to materialize his or her dream for the society. “We can’t allow your rare leadership qualities to waste in talking but you must clinch the power and use it to better the life of the people you so much love and fight for”.
The president of Ebira Avuvobe Youth Association, Cmr. Mustapha Obosi alongside the Coordinator for Women Initiative for Natasha, Hajiya Sabihat added their voices to reinstate their call on Natasha to step into political leadership as they assured her of unalloyed supports come what may.
In her response, Natasha Akpoti thanked the coalition for finding her so worthy of the call. She took time to speak about her struggle and the reasons for her kind of passion and drive. “All I do are due to the people; Ebira, Kogi and Nigeria at large. All my inspirations are due to the lessons I learnt from my late father who thought me what humanity means. My father was a beneficiary of people’s support in the course of his scholarship to study abroad back then and until his death, he vowed to live and die for humanity. Because he believed that he is nothing if his neighbor is nothing and hence he must help them to be something.
While responding to the call to serve in political capacity, Natasha stated that great men of the world like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and many others were never career politicians when they brought about changes to their lands. She however opined that if power is in the right hands, journey of 20years could be cut down to just a year. “In as much as I appreciate the calls I receive from different groups and individuals to come into politics, I must be frank to ask you that are you ready? Knowing well that what you are asking me for is a heavy weight and we must be sure that our mind is strongly made towards it. You all know what I stand for in my life; purposefulness, Bottom-top growth, Inclusivenss, no sentiment, no discrimination, no compromise on the truth. This is me and I will ask again that are you ready? Natasha added.
She went further to say that the people calling her must first be ready to play politics with a new mindset and shun the old order. “I must be sure that am going to work with people of different mindset who are ready to stand by the truth for whatsoever it may cost them. That is the spirit that have taken us this far. Not money or charms but truth. At the same time, our people say “the people behind a masquerade are the the strength of the masquerade”. I must see that spirit in us if we are going to embark on this journey. I must equally state clearly that with or without political position, I, Natasha Akpoti shall do my best for the people till I die. That is a resolution i have made for myself. Once again I appreciate you all so much and I plead that you give me some times to revisit my plans and get back to you. As you all know the struggle is a whole lot and we must give it absolute focus. I want to appeal that we all shun politics of bitterness. Whether you are APC or PDP, what matters is development that touches the life of the people. Poverty and joblessness do not know party, clan or region and that is the basis of my fight for the revival of Ajaokuta Steel Company and other local industries in Nigeria.
Other group’s representative who spoke at the meeting emphasized on the need to change the orientation of people against clannish and gender chauvinism and rally round Natasha for a new Ebira land, Kogi state and Nigeria. They equally advocated for unusual change in a good way. The group leader for Natasha Akpoti Solidarity Movement, Mrs. Jane Ahmed Enehe urged for the collection of PVC by every member and the need for more grassroot mobilization. “We must take this journey with great heart because we are not helping her rather we are helping ourselves. The time has come that we woo good people into elective positions to avoid our past mistakes. If politics is dirty then let us join good people like Natasha to clean it. If we continue to destest good people going into politics, it means the bad ones will always have it at ease” she concluded. Closing prayer was made and the meeting was brought to an end as signatures were collated by group representatives.
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