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More Drama as N7m Disappears from Kogi JAMB Office

Few days after a staff of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB in Makurdi claimed that a snake swallowed N36million cash from the accounts office, another N7million is said to be missing in the Kogi office. 

Also appearing before the panel, The Kogi State Coordinator of JAMB, Daniel Agbor, while appearing before an investigative panel said he spent N7 million, which his office could not account for, on assisting other workers in his office, whom he said were ravaged by poverty.
He also claimed that some of the cards sent to the state were stolen by unknown persons.
“The state of the state offices is such that we are in poverty and money is there with us,” the coordinator told the panel.
“You need the grace of God in the state offices not to steal money because money is tempting. We borrowed the money and I am not the only one, I will provide the list of everyone involved in the fraud.
“To err is human, to forgive is divine, please don’t take me to the police, please be lenient with me, sir,” he pleaded.
“If you hear that I have given up in the police cell, will you say ‘I am sorry’? My wife just gave birth to our first issue.
“Most of us are on loan, my salary is N175, 000, but when they deduct my loans, my salary remains N90,000, which is not enough for me so I borrowed from the government purse”.
Agbor told the panel that he paid N265,000 into an account allegedly on the instruction of the former registrar of the board.
“I was informed of missing scratch cards, but security personnel, the police and civil defence, invaded the office, retrieved the cards and they paid some money back.
“I informed the former registrar and he directed me to send the money to an account, which I did. I later learnt the money was transferred to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence. So that one was not calculated at all,” he said.
But the panel told him that he was in trouble.
“I will give you one week from today as we speak,” Oloyede told the coordinator.
“I want to see you pay everything in your custody, else I will hand you over to the police.
“Deduct the N265, 000 from the N7 million, then give us the account in which the former registrar gave you to send the money to.”

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