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Kogi 2019: I Will Ensure the Will of The People Prevail – Ibrahim Idris

As various candidates are indicating interest in the various offices ahead of the 2019 the former governor of Kogi state and the leader of the PDP in the State, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris has said that only popular candidates will emerge for the various offices in the state and that he has no preferred candidate but will support a transparent and acceptable party system that will ensure that the will of the people prevail.

The former Governor said in a press statement signed by his media office in Abuja on Tuesday said that he, as an advocate of internal democracy in a political party believes that before any aspirants indicates interest for an elective positions he or she must be eminently qualified.
On the number of candidates, the former Governor said “as a Muslim, he believes that only Allah can make leaders therefore he has no power to tell anybody not to contest because he can’t tell who will Allah choose. He said ‘we must not make the mistake of selling to the people an unpopular figure.
“A candidate that is not known or acceptable to the people will do more harm than good to the party’s prospects. The PDP in the state must also look for a candidate with great antecedents. We need a candidate with good traits and an amiable character.”
He also noted that the delegates shall be given free hands to vote according to their consciences and that whoever want to run or is in the race should work on his popularity saying: “let those who are ready to contest work on their popularity. As leaders of the party, we are ready to support the choice of the people in a very transparent process.
“We must put the interest of the people first and I believe Kogites will vote for a candidate that will better promote the interest of the masses.”
The former governor said every election is very important in a democratic setting, Kogi state is a different Scenario, considering the fact that the state has a separate date for its gubernatorial election, therefore the party will approach, state assembly and other election with all seriousness and commitment in a transparent manner. Although he agrees it is impossible to please everybody but as leaders, it is our duty to ensure the right thing is done.

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