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Let No Harm Come To Our Leaders — Igala Group Warns Kogi Gov

National Igala Christian Elders Forum has alleged that two prominent leaders from Kogi East, Senator Ahmadu Ali and Chief Gabriel Aduku have been targeted for elimination by faceless Antagonists who described themselves as Apex Youths.
The faceless group was allegedly sponsored by the Kogi state government to react through an advertorial to a statement credited to the two leaders who spoke on the clueless administration in Kogi State.
A communique issued at the end of its Prayer Summit at Anyigba, the Christian Elders Forum said the faceless Apex Youths had named Senator Ahmadu Ali and Chief Gabriel Aduku as “miscreant Igala leaders” with other uncomplimentary remarks and the subsequent assassination attempt on one of the leaders.
The communique noted with regret that Kogi State was becoming a land infested with political thuggery, terrorism, kidnappers, assassins and professional character assassination agents.
Blatant lies, the Communique said, have become the order of the day by the government claiming construction of non-existent roads, water boreholes in Kogi East and also turned Kogi to become a theft free State as well as crowned Fulani herdsmen as kit and kins of Kogi state overnight.
It reminded Nigerians that it is not a hidden secret that the present administration in Kogi State is an imposition and that Governor Yahaya Bello came into office through a system that is strange to politics all over the world.
Apart from the sinister steps by the Governor to liquidate the State University at Anyigba, the Communique also frowned at the absence of productive federal presence in the land.
According to the Communique, a bridge that would have connected East of Nigeria and Ankpa through Abejukolo to the Federal Capital for which  pillars were erected in the waters of River Niger at Obagaji was abandoned and the bridge diverted to Owetto.
Similarly, a railroad project initiated by the Shagari Administration that would have passed through Igala land to link the East of the country was also abandoned, leaving the railbridge constructed across River Niger along Itobe-Ajaokuta axis  waiting till ‘ thy kingdom come ‘ .
The Communique said from the foregoing, it enjoins all Christian believers in Kogi State to pray and also requests others to pray in their own way for divine intervention over what it calls ” the ungodly and painful neglect by the power that be”.
“Our God, Our help in ages past, Our hope from years to come, deliver the people and our land from the forces of evil.”
Yakubu Binuyaminu
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