Kogi Civil Servants With Forged Certificates Must Return Salaries Received So Far – Govt.

Kogi state government has demanded that civil servants in the state indicted for certificate forgery pay back all salaries received to government coffers.
The state Commissioner of Finance, Asiwaju Asiru Idris made this known in a press statement issued on Wednesday in Lokoja,
He stated that the lean resources in the state cannot be in favour of those who circumvent the process of acquiring certificate knowledge at the expense of those who paid the ultimate price and dues to have them without job or been undeserved.
“We can’t continue to lament the many obvious challenges being faced as a state, which ranges from infrastructural deficit, deplorable road network, unimpressive healthcare system, dilapidated  public utilities, eroded educational system,undeveloped human capacity, huge environmental menace and many more, when we have people who dubiously earn what does not belong to them from the state coffers. It’s unacceptable and unreasonable to complain when those found wanting can do the needful by returning the funds to the state coffers.
“After due diligence and far reaching dissection on certificates found skewed by the verification Committee and also ascertained forged by the various schools of graduation, as being published in a national daily for all and sundry to see and some untoward opposition of the laudable ideal to repent from their illusive voyage. Our lean resources in the state can’t be in favour of those who circumvent the process of acquiring certificate knowledge at the expense of those who paid the ultimate price and dues to have them without job or been undeserved.
“The message is clear, amidst entrenched paucity of funds due to the down turn in the economy nationwide and specifically in Kogi state, the plea goes to all victims of certificate forgery as substantiated by their acclaimed institutions of graduation to return the long accumulated salaries received back to the state coffers as there are wide range of developmental projects and programmes being slowed by lack of financial strength. It’s unheared of, to cry about lack of money, when we now know we have them in abundance with people undeserving of it.
“When returned as expected, many of our dams and water reticulation system would be rejuvenated, ongoing roads would be completed, rehabilitation of our general hospitals will be completed in due time, our agriculture revolution will gain momentum, the ongoing GYB standard model schools will dot the landscape of our wards in no time and empowerment schemes would be rolled out for our youths and market women.
“There are so much to be done as a state, than to allow criminal elements in the garb of certificate forgers and forgery to draw from an already inadequate resources in the name of political patronage or second time bid.  Rather we are hell bent on re-creating a state where hard work,determination and quest for genuine success becomes our ideological bedrock.
“We are in a new direction, therefore the resources of our people must work for them without any bias but certificate forgers and corruption of any form shall we discriminate in totality.
“The message again, certificate victims is hereby urged to return state funds received on the ride of forged document,” he said.
Asiru said the misplaced resources in the civil service due to certificate forgers for years should be heart breaking and deeply repulsive to all patriotic Kogites considering the wide gap in the state’s developmental drive and quest as a state.
He assured the people of the state that the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello is determined to tow the path of positivism and people-centric service where that the resources of Kogi people will work for their collective good and progress.
Yakubu Binuyaminu
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