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Published by on October 27th, 2017.

It seemingly looks like you are on the verge of not being ignorant of happenings around you anymore!
It seemingly looks like you will tell the news amongst your friends!
It seemingly looks like societal contributions will come from you!
it seemingly looks like you will understand what it means to be part of governance!
It seemingly looks like you can get feedback from the government instantly!
Yes….it seemingly but it can look it,  if only you subscribe to Nigeria news today!
Nigeria News & Latest Nigeria Breaking NewsPaper Today |

Our Vision. Our primary vision is to give everyone especially the youth of this great country Nigeria a voice, and not be their mouthpiece
Our Mission. Is to see SME’s through proper awareness to millions of visitors, who engage our Nigeria News site on a daily basis turn their businesses for global expansion. is a fast-rising News Site that keeps you abreast with all Nigeria news headlines and information around the globe and beyond. It is a site that feeds your desires as though it was shared. Nigeria breaking News brings information to your doorstep just as handy as you can imagine. We are on Facebook, Nigeria News on  Twitter, Instagram and many other social media platforms that’s why the news is as handy as your mobile phone.

We cater for all ages and strata just as you want it to be. We have several sections. For lovers of stories as they break, update on stories, as well as trending Governmental reports, all you need to do, is to visit the user-friendly website by clicking here  or  visit Nigeria newspaper today.

For persons that are interested in the security situation of the country, specifically killings and kidnaps so as to help you get security conscious and know how to protect your life and property you can click here Nigeria metro news today.

There is yet another section that keeps you abreast with facts on how to be a good electorate and what you need to know about those you exercised franchise on. This section also goes a long way to enable you to select the best candidate for an election based on the information you have about them.

Nigeria politics news today and headlines   we even have a whole section dedicated to President Buhari news and his related policies with enough articles to analyse people around the presidency
For sports lovers ranging from local sports to international ones, name it, Football, Athletics, Badminton, Rugby, Golf, Hockey and much more.

This is your best bet Nigeria Sports news today takes good care of that. Be sure the 2018 World cup is going to be handy to you if you click the link.
To know about your finances and the economy of the nation, prices of goods in the market as well as stock market reports then the best place for you is to visit Nigeria business news directly
It’s not just all straight-jacketed as you might be thinking, you could catch fun too and know about celebrities and how to become one. This section simply helps you relax from a tiring day or as the day breaks. Our section on Nigeria entertainment news today will give all the latest news about celebrities and what each of them are up to at the moment with the needed juice of gossips around them.

Lord Northcliffe says that Comments are free and facts are sacred. You will be a part of governance if only you drop your comments. The site helps you with a nice public sphere to air your opinion.
Nigerianewsng also brings to you Latest news in all other newspapers (Nigeria news today), there is also room for you to know what is trending on social media (latest Social Media Trends) as well as facebook and twitter update.

Seeing is believing, hence there are times you need to watch a video to get situated with the happening as we do not want to give you an abrupt information that has been gatekept.
We simply are at our best in showcasing issues of public interest. what are you waiting for? is the place. Get Busy…


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