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Igala People Seek Own State Out of Kogi

DailyTrust reports that as the debate on restructuring Nigeria continues, the Igala people of Kogi State have called for the creation of Okura State as a way out of the underdevelopment bedevilling the area.

This position was reached over the weekend in Lokoja when the Ukomu Igala, a socio-cultural organisation, inaugurated its Kogi State chapter.
National leader of the association, Major General Patrick Akpa (Rtd), noted that the Igala nation, as one of the most populous group in the country, had suffered setbacks from the colonial era till date, saying the people deserved a state of their own.
The association also called for the devolution and decentralisation of powers of the central government to allow states control and manage their resources.
“The Igala nation is rising; we have all it takes to be a great nation like we were in the pre-colonial era. We have great agricultural potentials, that if we channel our energies into them, we would be able to feed ourselves and the country.
He commended the founding fathers of the association, whose main objective he noted, was to create a voice for the Igala nation.

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