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This Ebira Girl Is One Of The 30 Women In UK Changing The Beauty Game – The Telegraph

Epara beauty product - Ozohu Adoh
Epara beauty product – Ozohu Adoh
As seen on EbiraReporters today: Ozohu Adoh, an Ebira girl from Kogi state is a former financier who has just launched a line of luxury skincare products in the United Kingdom.
Ozohu named her skincare products Epara, an Ebira general name for cream, targeting darker skin tones. 
Ozohu Adoh
She has just been selected by The Telegraph as one of the 30 women in the UK changing the beauty game.
The team behind her Epara products include international make-up artist and Chanel ambassador Kay Montano. No wonder Harrods snapped it up.
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