Revealed: Lukman’s Death Is a Cover-up – Must Read.

Isah Lukman’s body
The celebrated killing of Isah Lukman, alleged to be a thug is bringing up more and more questions everyday. It is believed that he was killed to cover up atrocities of some persons in positions of power.
Before his death, Isah Lukman was said to have been a frontliner for the current government of the state and the local government.
Many of his contributions to this current administration could be traced down to areas which include;
1. Lukman was witnessed to have shared huge amount of money during the last gubernatorial election in the state. Especially in polling units while voting was going on.
2. Until his death, Lukman was in possession of the APC campaign bus which he always drive around Ihima with his gangs, alongside a Toyota Camry car, ash in colour.
3. Whenever the political appointees, especially the commissioner for water resources, travels to Ihima for tour, Lukman was always in the front together with security men leading the way. Making sure other youths are properly coordinated and ensure peace.
4. Lukman had a borehole dug in front of his house with water tank which was said to have been a compensation from the state government to him in recognition of his efforts.
5. Lukman was not left out during the last empowerment program by Sen. Ahmed Ogembe as he was handed over a Keke NAPEP tricycle which he sometimes ride around Obieba in Ihima.
6. At a time, Lukman was allegedly considered by the state government as the chief security overseer in Obieba where he lived and have his gangs because he always ensure order and peacefulness.
7. Lukman was always seen in the Kogi State government house and the Okehi Local Government secretariat alongside the political office holders, mixing with them and cheering them up.
8. He almost lived the life of a philanthropist by sharing money to widows, orphans and helping to engage some children into skill acquisitions. He did these out of the money he allegedly received from the local government and state political appointees.
The list can go on and on. But the questions are;
1. After all these, why would the state government claim being innocent of Lukman’s way of life by coming out to paint him black and call him all sorts of names after benefiting from his ruthless way of life?
2. If Lukman was a thug and notorious as they claimed, why did they harbour him for so long and why not an arrest instead of killing him? Where we have other more notorious thugs being arrested and interrogated in the past.
3. Why was the Kogi state commissioner of Police, Wilson Inalegwu transferred immediately after the incident happened alongside other Police officers who played some roles in the issue.
4. Who was responsible for all the benefits accrued to Lukman by the APC before his death? And what was the source of his money?
The public need to investigate this chameleon play on Isah Lukman who was used and killed as against all the claims.

–  Lukman Isah
Source: Kogireports
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