#GYBTalentHunt – 6 Things & Everything You Need To Know (FAQ).

1. How much is registration? 
Ans: Registration is FREE, as the project is fully sponsored by the Kogi State Government. We are not unmindful of persons who are making attempts to unlawfully gain from unsuspecting applicants.. So BEWARE!!!

2. Why can’t I register on the website? 
Ans: We sincerely apologize for the site’s inability to take more applicants. It was unprecedented. Alternatively, applicants are advised to come early to the place of audition with a full photograph and a passport. 
3. Is the audition in stages, such that qualifiers would travel to the next location(s)?
Ans:  NO!!! The audition is not in stages. The five locations were carefully chosen for proximity and convenience. However, if you missed your location, you can try the next location. 
4. Where is the venue in Kabba? 
Ans: Liza Palms Hotel 
5. Why Inikpi? 
Ans: Inikpi has already been researched, put in print, and read in Kogi schools. In essence, it is a story waiting for camera, lights, action. 
6. Can musicians perform at the place of audition?
Ans: This is strictly for actors and actresses. However, this is  Phase 1. Phase 2 will also be strictly for the music talents. 
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