Drop US New Music Or We’ll Decamp – Fans Reach Out To Landy.


The most talented Ebira Born Afro Pop star Landy that won MTN next rated artist at the headies award in 2016, put to his Facebook timeline today to narrate how one of his fans sent him a message that he thinks he don’t understand and ask for his followers view on what the unidentified fan of his sent him read the message below:

(Landy I know u don’t wanna drop any song or video in Okene because u believe it makes u look the same with all this local artist we have here in kogi..

But believe me it doesn’t, it only makes u a king in ur father’s land, it shows the world were u actually come from because even my mum still doesn’t believe that u are an Ebira boy..

We your fans down here are hungry for fresh vibes from u..

Must we wait until “DaPhaze” or “Sharon Sonia” feature’s you again before we hear that ur Angelic voice?.

I beg u with God please drop something for us this year before we ur fans begin to decamp.)

I’ve read this message over and over yet am still confused,

could she be right or wrong?

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