EbiraView: Alleged Assault On Okene DLG (Hajia Hawawu Owuda), The Truth Of The Matter

Hon. Abdulrazaq

The attention of the media unit of Okene Local government has been drawn to rumor and unfounded allegations making round on social media that, the Administrator of Okene Local government, Hon. (Mall.) Abdulrazaq Muhammad ordered his Personal Assistant to molest the Local government DLG, Hajia Hawawu Owuda. We wish to state that, the information is false and an attempt to blackmail and malign the Local government Administrator.

Hon. Abdulrazaq by his nature and political history is a humble, religious and non violence politician who has since brought peace and decorum to the political atmosphere of Okene Local government.

It is normal for public office holders to disagree in the course of their official assignment but what happened yesterday right inside the office of the Administrator was a clear case of affront and insubordination on the part of the DLG.

Okene Local government Administrator by virtue of his appointment is the head of the Council an such, he gives lawful orders, directive and sanctioned both internal and external correspondence. Some weeks ago, Hon. Abdulrazaq as the head of the Council had directed that, the Acting director of budget in the Local government be confirmed in a substantive position as requested by the Local government Service Commission and in line with the extant laws which was unanimously accepted at the management meeting.

However, credible information reached the Administrator that, the DLG had secretly and unilaterally transferred a completely different personnel to Treasury department and had nominated same to the Service Commission without recourse to the council boss.

On enquiry by the Council boss to ascertain the reason behind the sudden change of decision, the DLG threw caution to the wind and began to use abusive words on the person of Hon. Abdulrazaq Muhammad. This we considered very embarrassing, unfortunate and a calculated attempt to ridicule the exalted office of the Local government Administrator.

At this juncture, Hon. Abdulrazaq in his usual nature, quietly left the office without uttering a word. It was at his private residence we got information, that his Personal Assistance out of his own volition confronted the DLG and somehow fight occurred between the P. A and some boys in the company of the DLG. Hon. Abdulrazaq condemned the action of his P. A in strong term and order for his arrest. He is currently in police custody.

The Local government Administrator have so much respect for DLG and has always held her in high esteem and such will never descend so low to assault her. She was never molested or assaulted in any form as alleged in some quarters. The public is hereby enjoined to disregard such rumour/information as this is pure blackmail and figment of imagination of mischief makers.

Abdulmumin Abubakar 
S. A (Media & Publicity)
Okene LGA


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